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  1. I love Hotwheels. It's the only affordable toy out of those 3.

  2. The band is back together and they are coming in hot

  3. Yeah... Sorry about being one of the first. I just namely wanted a way for people to complete characters that were but also some stuff should be updated and I figured that newer players would want outfits like Peely and Drift and such and the idea would fix all that in one fell swoop.

  4. Yeah, I started to play the game on Ch2S6. Due to some issues, I couldn't play it earlier but I wanted to (Better late than never). So I missed a lot of cool skins that I would like to have (specially collab skins, star wars and marvel fan here). I don't know a solution nor have an opinion about how this system should be implemented. What I would like to see is a system that will do justice for both sides (OGs and other players).

  5. Context- The person has a username along the lines of "I hate white people" and defends the femcels of FDS saying that it is empowerment.

  6. If you're gonna play HITMAN (2016) it's better to play it inside HITMAN 3 (can use H3 free starter pack) with all the improvements (you can either buy the game and import locations to H3 or get Access Pass directly for H3). You also get the upgrade to GOTY content for free for H1 locations in H3 including bonus episodes that are missing in HITMAN (2016). GOTY content includes Patient Zero campaign and some suits. In H3 you also get bonus episodes that in H1 require DLC code that was added to some physical disc editions and it's no longer possible to buy it digitally (at least on PS).

  7. Yeah, I bought H3 in January when it was released and got H1 GOTY and H2 gold access pass for around 50 bucks and it's one of the best games I've played. If it's possible buy H3 and get the access pass for it so you can unlock H1 and H2 in H3. It is really confusing for me personally with these access passes and what not and I really don't remember what I did to get all three at once but if you could do that then you will have a great experience with this game.

  8. this subreddit is crying in the corner after seeing this

  9. The only similarity between Fortnite and pubg is that they are both battle royales, nothing new there those have been around for a long time. I agree that EPIC is a scummy company but some of your arguments are just objectively wrong.

  10. The conflict between Fortnite and Pubg is very similar to the conflict between oreo and hydrox. Just putting it out there. Btw Matpat did a theory about this conflict on food theory-

  11. I once watched 5 hours of a 10 hour Ali A intro music video without sleeping and I have no regrets.

  12. Oh no guys check out this super weird disgusting thing I just somehow came across completely by accident

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