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  1. Articles are saying it would take 60 years for Pixel sales to catch up to Samsung lol

  2. S21 Ultra. I find myself using Google services a lot more lately, I like some of the Pixel exclusive features, and I was thinking I'd try Google Fi.

  3. Fi store giving even less. $340 for Pixel 6 Pro 256 with no issues. Yet the google store says $540. Makes zero sense.

  4. Same for my S21 Ultra. It offers me $386 in the Fi store and a lot more for just a regular pre-order. I worry if I start trying to finagle things that I'm going to get burned by Google

  5. Yeah? Being able to change your keyboard is a relatively new feature to iOS lol.

  6. And why would they spoil their relationship with samsung for views... they literally need their phones to review lol...

  7. Yes, but longevity makes more money.

  8. The S22 Ultra is not waterproof, it is water resistant.

  9. They are rated for shallow depths though. Being submerged in fresh water shouldn't hurt it.

  10. I think they're pretty mediocre. Heath Ledger's performance carried the Dark Knight

  11. Some women do this to me at work (customers not co-workers). I've been told I look like a movie star. Another commented on how nice my hands are like I should be a hand model. A woman once told my co-worker that he has "bedroom eyes". Usually they are older women that stop giving a fuck.

  12. Yeah the digital driver display is pretty bad. Honda really messed up with the US version

  13. You know you can change up what is displayed on the drivers display? Anything from music to phone any of about 8 different displays.

  14. The issue I am complaining about is the driver instrument display that is half digital and half analog. No US CR-V at any trim has fully digital gauges.

  15. Except that reviewers are not owners. Owners have had no such issues at any unusual rate

  16. No, they haven't. This issue wasn't widespread before this and after the YouTube videos came out, it still isn't. I have seen zero evidence of it. On Neogaf, everyone checked their old phones and almost nobody has an issue -- more people reported having this problem with their iPhones. Sammobile looked at 100 of their Samsung phones and didn't find a single one with battery swelling. Stop believing everything just because you heard it on Youtube

  17. Third is that we have absolutely NO depth at QB

  18. Playing with starters isn't going to have him magically throwing catchable balls...

  19. What's the point of arguing when you cannot reach a fucking resolution?



  22. People that hate Samsung are taking this anecdotal information and generalizing it to the general public. However, the general public is not having issues at a different rate than any other phone brand.

  23. The situation being anecdotal doesn’t make it invalid. Moreover, it can never be more than that. Even if it were a common issue there is no way of presenting it collectively, is there? The only reason it’s in the spotlight is because few of the affected people have massive media reach - something the average affected user doesn’t have to amplify his voice. Furthermore, the average user is not A|B testing devices. Like you, he will assume this is normal and just deal with it. The sheer number of people highlighting this happened to their unused Samsung is not normal.


  25. Having a bunch of tech reviewers say the same thing sure seems like enough evidence to me, or do you think they all have something against Samsung and just want to sabotage?

  26. Again, YouTubers experiencing the same problem when the general public isn't is only proof that trendy stories are useful for YouTube as revenue. Stop being so naive and believing things automatically because the Internet told you it was true

  27. Cause reviewers who have 10 million subs and rich as f really need to make up a fake controversy to get some view at the risk of ruining their reputation? Think about that…. Your take makes no sense. That requires thinking 0 steps ahead on their part. They make tons of money and get tons of reviews without having to make up a scandal

  28. It is very clearly a fake controversy. My take absolutely makes sense because this effect happens all the time.

  29. Overall, I think the PHEV is just a compliance version that is buggy. The straight six version seems to be where this platform is going to shine

  30. I doubt it. I'm positive that the PHEV will be the fastest version of the CX-70

  31. It’s about the exact same. They’re still doing drugs and shitting in public just like before.

  32. Several articles talking about drug use increasing and little change in stopping addiction

  33. 70 will be basically the 60, just a teeny bit wider. no idea about engine choices in us at launch tough

  34. Yeah, but most of them ultimately voted for Biden. Most leftists don't see Biden as a positive but they see him as "not fascist" and find that acceptable for now.

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