What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, February 28, 2022

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Dated an “ex Muslim” who, on year later, then admitted he’s never left Islam & said hopefully me and (his) baby would die during childbirth, due to me not being Muslim. Can anyone explain?

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What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, January 26, 2022

Just seeing what's going on

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  1. Paw paw tunnel trail loop is a nice moderate to tough loop that I enjoyed and haven't seen mentioned. Loved billygoat trail. Harpers ferry is my next trip

  2. I peeled the bottom off and could see the line perfectly clear on mine

  3. So if the world is liquidating Russian investments then they will park it somewhere right? 🤔 us stocks chinese stocks eu stocks I mean where else? Intrest rates are low I think we moon this week

  4. Depends what part of town you are talking about. South Baltimore and Brooklyn are the Appalachian refugees. Older neighborhoods north of the harbor are the tradition ethnic enclaves.

  5. South baltimore and Brooklyn had more immigrants working on the docks and railroad that lived there. Plus there was an immigration dock at Hawkins point.

  6. Do you know where and when it was dropped approximately? There is a group that does detecting there regularly I know and can ask or go search if it is a recent drop.

  7. Hawkins point landfill is the best view of baltimore

  8. Don't over complicate it. He's just the average POS baby daddy. Find a support group there are tons of strong single mothers out there with tons of BS stories these men tell to themselves and others.

  9. I like the original paver layout. You could have done the same thing and eliminate all grass imo. Why mow anything

  10. If I can ask a slightly ot question as to I see frequently nobody should buy a house in Baltimore because the educational system is not good? I am a product of Baltimore City. My mother taught in Baltimore City.

  11. The schools are terrible compared to 10 or 20 years ago. You are the exception because your mother was a teacher. Teachers have difficulty teaching because of overcrowded misbehaved classrooms. So many of these kids are dealing with poverty, family addictions and/or lost parents to violence or drugs. I went to poly and started my 3 kids in a public city school. All teachers are certainly not alike. Parents now need to advocate and work the system to get into the good classes with good teachers. All parents agree Middle school is just off the chain. So I moved to a baltimore county house for our kids Middle school and beyond. Best decision I ever made. Baltimore needs alot of help to resolve the systemic issues in the communities to help these teachers out I hope they can pull it off for the kids.

  12. The o.icron .utation is an upper respiratory I fiction as opposed to what you had. Much less severe I would not get the vaccine that was developed for the original strains now. Especially if I already developed natural i.munity.

  13. Remember when snap ran during the Olympics? Well Olympics are back and I'm buying pindoduo expecting a similar situation. It's like YouTube in China and it's a 10 bagger for feb garunteed. No DD because this is a casino.

  14. They taste horrible and get totally overgrown and look like a wasteland 10 months out of the year and are impossible to maintain or eliminate. Stay away

  15. Roads are for walking and pedestrians not only have the right of way they direct traffic onward so drivers can know they are not crossing

  16. https://www.reddit.com/r/baltimore/comments/25xre1/updated_and_improved_map_of_baltimore_hopefully/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  17. Lived in baltimore northeast on a .3 acre lot and loved it for many years. But if you have plans to have children do not buy in baltimore. The schools are horrible. The school districts drive all the housing markets around here. If you intend to use private schools then go for it. Lots of cool neighborhoods. That being said pay close attention to tax differences between county and city properties. You will pay more for a county house and pay less in taxes which worked out for us when we moved out for better public schools.

  18. Draw the old waterslide. Photos are very elusive though I have been searching for a good shot of that big waterside for years

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