1. Insurance is making everything really really frustrating. But people will always need cataracts removed, retinas repaired, corneas worked with.

  2. A corneal scar will have you in for life. Glaucoma can be treated and managed but not cured.

  3. Is this not a thread about the future of ophthalmology. I literally built on what you said and you sound confused.

  4. Question: how much puke is in this one? I watched Forever with my wife and she actually loved it except for the final scene because she can’t stand puke or gagging. So before going into this one, will she be able to handle it?

  5. Puking I can handle I guess.. Butt stuff like Dave England poop and sweat cocktails NOPE.

  6. 100% this. Im 25 nd just got away from my abusive dad 2 yrs ago and im still learning ways he abused me that i thought was normal. Or said was okay cuz "he could be worse" since i didnt get physically hurt very often. Just emotional and mental and stuff.

  7. I really agree with this. I had a traumatic childhood and I am very emotionally stunted.

  8. It’s one of my favorites 😭

  9. There a different word for females cuckoldedsesness it’s old fashioned romantic language

  10. Somebody tell OP about gummies, then tell him about all the other edibles out there, including root beer.

  11. I can only eat edibles. I just cough up and waste the hit. I'm a chocolate edible person. I'm not too fond of the gummies, I can taste the thc lol

  12. It's a METAPHOR! The play, as we saw it, was not a strict performance of Lexi's play. It had flashbacks and concurrent events interspersed with the actual play. Right before the pullback Rue tells Lexi, "You know what to do with your pain." Meaning that Lexi handles difficult situations by imagining them as fiction then we see just that.

  13. Before the fever ( sus name for a song btw just saying lol )

  14. I don't think Clay and Bloberta are all that different-- clay does kill and eat a Dog-- but ultimately they both got taught they weren't worth loving and needed to earn love and happiness, then got burnt out and bitter keeping this up and turned to adultery and addiction (clay alcohol, bloberta some sort of amphetamines if her compulsive cleaning and love of mastubation is an indicator.)

  15. Ohhhhh.... is that what she was doing with the curtains??/mutilitating herself?

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