1. I work at a hospital so I get anywhere from 60-200 calls a day.

  2. What are the calls like? Hi and bye?

  3. I haven’t looked into it but As long as Reddit doesn’t kills off all the NSFW/sexual shit, they’ll be fine.

  4. Lie, say that you never looked for something serious(if you don't look the part then that's on you to work on broda,because that'd mean you're not or at least don't see yourself as attractive yet), and before anyone attacks me, especially women, man is saying they'll nope out and he's right, because they'll think you're some weirdo bro especially the older you are, so you can't but lie, survival of the fittest not the most honest mate...

  5. Starting any kind of relationship with a lie probably isn’t the best thing to do Lmaoo

  6. I’ll randomly wake up 1-3 hrs before my alarm goes off. It’s really annoying

  7. No one gives a shit if you hate rap music Lmaoo. Go listen to your dad rock and go take your meds

  8. People will UBI will come in and help them with their money problems but I feel like the government will mess up and do the bare minimum to help the people

  9. No it’s never too late. I had classes with people who were in their 50s

  10. Maybe stop forcing people to take BS courses that has nothing to do with their major. You could be done sooner and save more money in the process.

  11. Same. I’ve changed up my resume multiple times and I still can’t get a call back from them.

  12. Rejection after rejection and ghosting after ghosting. It’s all so tiresome

  13. Humanity isn't responsible enough for AI. This won't ever lead to anything good.

  14. I liked it when I was younger but now that I’m older, I find it to be cringe

  15. Everybody wants that. They just want to keep their wages.

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