1. For some that hasn’t had so much as a traffic ticket this is very bold of you

  2. What if they are of age and have a library card that proves they are of age??

  3. I hope the tip of my penis looks this good when I am in my 90s

  4. Let’s be honest we have all fantasized about doing this.

  5. Molesterbeck found love in prison. I would say that is a happy ending.

  6. You know you have to be a piece of human shit when somebody goes to this much effort to make an artist rendition of the (2nd?) worst moment of your life.

  7. When your work required you to sit across from DMac and Lorne trust me she has worked more than a day in her life and at that point she has done enough.

  8. He doing the “Walter” look now from The Big Lebowski”. I like it!!

  9. I am a very shallow person because that last nanosecond for him is one of the happiest moments of my life.

  10. It would be interesting to hear from more people who served with the military preds (inb4 Kevin from the base).

  11. Or those who have served with postman. That one dude did two tours with USPS. i bet he saw some shit!

  12. Seeing El Presidente and Sokol doing a pizza review would be the cleanest best pleasure.

  13. This has to be one of the best Lorne/Swollen memes of all times

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