1. The generic trailer music feels more early 2000’s to me. The past few years trailers have been scored with melancholy versions of hit pop songs from the last century.

  2. I read a comment about how he has a disabled kid with Faris, and when he had a kid with Katherine, he said something like it was good to have a healthy kid. People took that as a shot against his disabled kid, which I kind of doubt, but that's how some took it.

  3. As I recall, the wording was more like: “Thank God I married a woman who could give me a healthy child”, which many perceived as a jab against Faris.

  4. I’m a teacher, and I recently used Wall-E in a writing project for 14-year-olds. I tried to make them consider the consequences of over-reliance on technology. Results varied.

  5. Criminal Minds + Red Dead Redemption 2. This genuinely sounds like an amazing show. Wild West law men hunting serial killers.

  6. Astro syftar ju till stjärnorna, taiko syftar till taikong som betyder rymd eller kosmos, och kosmo syftar till kosmos, så universum typ.

  7. ”Naut” kommer från grekiskan och betyder sjöman, så typ ”stjärnseglare”

  8. För 700 år sen. Vissa av oss har dock övervägt att återuppta traditionen.

  9. IDK if they are popular other than where I'm from but the Farseer books from Robin Hobb. It follows a guy from his early childhood to like 90+ (although he is magically well preserved). Also not sure the magic types that are used in those books would fit well a visual media (Some people can communicate with some animals and some people can communicate/influence/control other people).

  10. My favorite novels of all time. I’ve spent a lot of time imagining it adapted as a film or show, but what I really want is a huge open-world game set in the Six Duchies but independent of FitzChivalry’s story.

  11. “A country less ordinary” from the land of lagom?

  12. I have a vivid memory of one episode ending with Peter Parker in his bedroom wearing his pajamas, then suddenly crying out in pain and sprouting four extra arms.

  13. I haven’t seen Midsommar, but this is supposed to be in it.

  14. That's the worst movie I've seen gave me nightmares

  15. Since that is its purpose, I have to assume it actually rather good. I intend to keep actively avoiding it, though.

  16. The child would say the gunshot is an improvement

  17. If I ever hear Nyköping, Södermanland mentioned in a Hollywood film I damn well will be.

  18. Oh wow. There are A LOT of different symbiotes. Given all inceptions I can think of, I think there are something like 15 symbiotes in Marvel.

  19. I just need to let the world know that in my native language (Swedish), knull means “fuck”.

  20. Secret twin of Riyu Chuchi. Odd how skin color can vary between siblings.

  21. I do believe there is an abandoned factory building in Bayou Nwa that looks very similar to this.

  22. I’ve seen this thing at least 30 times. It’s funny, sure, but…

  23. Red Dead Redemption 2. A worthy ending, wish I could have timed it so Arthur passed on his things to John just before I left off for the day.

  24. So the Māori haka is actually a throwback?

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