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  1. The instantaneous wave of shorting yesterday when the 10Q was filed was one thing

  2. Hey I have several friends who met their boyfriends at Pumphouse 😄

  3. That's awesome! I've never been to pumphouse but the name just sounds idk, like Jersey Shore? Lmao

  4. is this an attempt to split us up and halve our numbers? Not saying it is but wanting the possibility to be considered.

  5. Gonna sound dumb but I miss being bored. I miss not having a cell phone. I miss the early days of the internet when everyone wasn't there yet. I miss playing outside with my friends and riding our bikes to the park. I miss cable TV and cartoons. I miss Saturday mornings with a bowl of cereal and hours of shows lined up. I miss old games where fun was more important than money or expansions or skins or battle royale. I miss when taco bell was retro inside. I miss blockbuster. Lots of stuff.

  6. The shill activity is unreal today. Get a fucking life you goons

  7. If you buy a daily today you are regarded. Most obvious pump fake of a week. Wait for the big ol dip and then load up on calls for April

  8. idk what a daily means bro so you're gonna hafta do better than that I'm buying and holding on the daily though so don't worry about that lol

  9. Market red srysly chill we are still mooning today tomorrow next Tuesday it doesn't matter I'm zen buying dips and holding like a good ape does.

  10. Lotta FUD in here buy dip and hold we don't know when it will pop just that it will pop.

  11. Sure hope I dont regret not selling for 160% profit the other day. I guess I'll hold

  12. We better see fucking something today. I’ve been at this for two years now and I’m fucking impatient.

  13. Oh I’ve been zen. Covid brought me greater than normal prosperity, I invested in GME and then bbby, with the expectation of great reward. Well, my cash flow isn’t great anymore and my faith is dwindling. I’m weeks away from having to make a big decision unless something happens and quick.

  14. Dip before we rip. This week is gonna get wild. Tomorrow might be sideways again. EOW we're gonna zoom.

  15. I’m still holding until this thing hits 0. But morale is low rn. I need some company news or something to light this thing up to the moon

  16. We don't. Everyone is anxious/depressed and no one has health care. It's awful here tbh.

  17. No, buying stocks is not gambling. Investing is not gambling. It's investing. There is a difference. I hope you realize the difference soon. It doesn't have to be like this, you know? You're very likely to lose everything on BBBY. I hope this works out for you, but there is little reason to believe it will.

  18. to be so invested in convincing others they should sell or not invest/gamble means you have the opposite stake otherwise you wouldn't be here, if the opposition to my position is shilling they must b scared

  19. Lied to doctor's to protect a dog who tried to kill my human child? Hahahahahaha funny. No. Goodbye. My child or the dog, dog can find a new home, I'm all my child has and I will protect my child from a "domesticated" but obviously still wild animal. End of discussion.

  20. Set limits. Don't use it as a form of punishment or reward. 2-3 hours a night of game time is okay but only AFTER responsibilities are met, homework, chores, dinner, then you can game. Fair is fair. Weekends let them play. Eventually they will get burned out or a new thing will come along and grab their attention. If that is what their friends are doing, it's not actively harming anyone, and it makes them happy then I don't see the harm. When it becomes harmful step in and set some limits as the adult and parent.

  21. People saying to buy more or oh my god were at a discount still: I get that, not all of us has ammo like you folks. We want this to get to $10 already, it’s the first week of January, we’ve been through a bunch of hardships the past few months, you guys had plenty of time to buy, now I want this thing to moon.

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