[OC] Frequency of compound insults (e.g. "poophead", "scumwad") in Reddit comments, organized by prefix and suffix

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  1. And Marjorie Taylor fucknuts on her stupid soapbox saying global warming is a good thing.

  2. 700 people died in Western Canada last year due to the heat wave. If you can't go to Canada to beat the heat, where can you go?

  3. I remember that. An entire town caught fire from the heat.

  4. it is quite satisfying, but part of my brain wants to see, unorganized tulips

  5. Here's a chance to start your own new sub-reddit.

  6. Did anyone else think it read Huriawa, Pennsylvania?

  7. Yes, but what about the last hollow and subsequent knuckle!? Hunh? Hunh!

  8. Universe expands faster than we can measure. Time doesn't exist, time is the observation of decay of all.

  9. Yes, I was going to phrase it similarly. The expansion of the universe is objective while the passage of time is subjective.

  10. Yeah, that car would be a real clunker in 1989.

  11. Sure it does. It's just cute that they seem to think it's a swear word.

  12. Awesome. Can we get language filters for French, German and Spanish?

  13. Good idea. I would pm the OP. This is just a crosspot.

  14. Im really happy to see im not the only one using the term poopboy

  15. Harvey Korman: Your Majesty, you look like the piss boy!

  16. That's when you flip it on its back like a turtle. Maybe one of it's robot friends will come save it.

  17. What the fuck does one have to have done beyond what we already know him for, that answering that question would mean perjury charges?

  18. Her next question should have been, "General, do you ever lick your dog's cute little bitch ass pussy?"

  19. Advocacy for murder or acts of mass terror are never justified. What if he’s not in impeccable shape and his old age causes him to fall?!

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