LPT: Before you give your child a unique name, try it out first. Use it on food orders, reservations, appointments where applicable, etc. It’ll give you a glimpse of what they’ll deal with when they’re older and could prevent future issues.

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  1. Whenever I see the gang I can't help but think that there was a 6th member thats missing

  2. The guy doing the podcast though sucked his voice would have made me drive off a bridge

  3. God ikr? Hearing him fumble around and ask these terrible questions was so infuriating

  4. The closest thing to a Lovecraft movie we've gotten in recent times (other than Colour Out of Space which is literally a Lovecraft movie) is The Lighthouse.

  5. Older movie, but I think The Birds by Hitchcock is probably the most lovecraftian movie I've ever seen.

  6. Honestly the best thing for GW would be for people to ignore it. Maybe then they will stop changing the rules for 40k every other week.

  7. Ah yes, back to the good old times when you got one codex every three years (or 9, looking at you, Drukhari) and if that sucked, welp, too bad!

  8. At least it was a fraction of the cost to play back then. And if they properly playtested then we wouldn't have to worry about it sucking :P

  9. My oldest brothers initials are ADD, mine are DAD and my little brothers are RADD. Then theres my sister who had to be different with MKD

  10. Knew some folks with the last name "shure". They were I.M. Shure and G.R.U. Shure

  11. And people wonder why I don't trust password managers. Smh.

  12. This doesn’t make sense to me. You don’t trust password managers so you instead do what? Reuse the same password? Have multiple passwords but that are easy to remember?

  13. I have multiple sufficiently complex passwords that I remember, or keep a private ledger of. At least the onus of securing them falls on me instead of a third party who is, for whatever reason, also storing sensitive form data.

  14. Erlich was so funny. Shame the actor went kinda crazy before they finished up from what I've read.

  15. Didn't he get in a bad car wreck that fucked up his brain or something? Or am I making that up?

  16. If we're comparing programs/OS's to artistic works like music, I'd suggest TempleOS wouldn't be comparative to anybody who has ever gotten a song on the Billboard Top 100.

  17. Give it a couple months and you'll get used to it, always a hard start. It gets even better if you can find a job that you enjoy

  18. Bump, same issue here. Also,is there a good way to look with the cursor in the classic style? Having a hard time getting used to the mouse

  19. Dude is out here doing literal chaos magic to get better at guitar

  20. I’m incredibly tired of seeing posts like these on my dash. What do you have to prove by coming here and saying this instead of just finishing World?

  21. Woah there, im not attacking you. Just wanted to try the new IP and was kinda disappointed. Wanted to see if I was just too early in the game or if it was just easy.

  22. I’m not offended just annoyed. Your post is among other recent posts to this subreddit who feel like World is the bastion of difficulty, and I saw this cycle when World was the new ez baby game. Both gen 5 games go by very smooth compared to some of the older titles. How hard people find them is subjective of course, but they’re both still quality entries to the series irrespective of how easy or hard people find them.

  23. Gotcha, didn't know it was a sore subject here. I started with freedom unite and would get my ass kicked hard lol. So World felt like a nice balance to me where I genuinely struggled with endgame stuff, but was able to have a fun challenging experience until then.

  24. Idk about eu or aus bit in the us its real easy to tell undercover cars. They're all American made makes, and most have a light mounted to their side mirror. Most are old crown victorias

  25. It was anchored, how do you think it stayed in place for six years?

  26. Idk man, we had a theft prevention team that was ON TOP OF IT when I worked retail. Folks in plain clothes that would catch folks trying to slip out

  27. How did that window punch feel? I bet her hand doesn't feel so great lmao

  28. If anyone has one ticket for tmrw, Saturday Oct 15th PA Mt Hope renfaire let me know!

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