1. Imagine LA Knight cashing in on Gunther a day before he breaks a record. Now that's a storyline

  2. Riiiight after Gunther has a tough match with a monster who takes him to his limits but Gunther just manages to get the win. Brock Lesnar maybe???

  3. Don a beech might be the best typo ever and for that reason I’m not correcting it

  4. Same reason Ernest Timmons brought a camera. Kevin from the base told him to

  5. Larry kills Travis is the rarest scenario (by the way, I had it in my first playthrough). I've always preferred the scenario where Larry kills Travis/David.

  6. I agree. Makes him look like a more unsympathetic asshole. Happily smashing Ben’s friend’s head in right in front of him

  7. Seriously? This is one of those moments where Larry is not an asshole.

  8. Killing a Walker is fine, especially a threat to the group. But then literally disregarding him like he wasn’t a living breathing person not even 5 minutes earlier is such an asshole move

  9. Anybody else remember the game on Nick.com where you’d play as Spencer in the RV and you had to avoid Bigfoot

  10. Early prediction: This will be top 15 most upvoted posts on this subreddit

  11. Seth Rollins vs Damien Priest at Money in the Bank. Rollins beats Priest in a 50/50 match with some close calls in favour of Damien Priest to highlight how much of a talent he was

  12. Come on man. Not everybody can afford the most up to date games. Especially these days where games are $40-$70 each time. Even more for the amount of DLC they make now too

  13. Enter a raffle to take Babst to jail and execute him

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