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  1. Oh man my time with my cat on acid and ketamine was a blast I think we watched SpongeBob all night

  2. Raul Julia was an incredible actor. Gave one hundred percent to the role of Gomez and knocked it out of the park.

  3. I think he just did street fighter the movie for his kids too

  4. He's so effn hot bro. I made a post a couple month ago that has Luke on it with all the predators he caught. Most notably was jpw

  5. Oh and Elon musk had to stick fucking dick into this as well

  6. So your pro-pot anti drunk driving then? You’re just as bad.

  7. I'm sure more than one time in your life someone told you nobody likes you.

  8. I’m sure I couldn’t care less what you or anyone else on earth think about anything. Unfortunately Oklahoma Reddit is just a bunch of liberals crying all day.

  9. "liberals" youre a fucking loser dude. Go live your life being the way you are you're just full of hate.also go fuck yourself maybe it would make you feel better

  10. Maurice Ruiz and Gregory Diederich were both caught in the Riverside sting after they had planned to have a threesome with a decoy pretending to be a 13 year old boy. They simultaneously groomed the decoy and tried to drill into the decoy's head that they were the good guys and that the decoy was lucky he ran into them and not a "creep".Maurice was especially weird trying to push the decoy to drive around with him naked in his car. Both Gregory and Maurice both told on themselves as well mentioning how they both had met minors offline before.

  11. I applaud you for posting this. I love this thank you. Do this everyday and I would love it.

  12. I bet he had a smile on his face while doing that

  13. I want to say some shit like “I’d still eat it” or “looks tasty” or some shit. But on the real. Why the fuck are people talking about this?

  14. We need another culture war because being black or guy is pretty accepting now

  15. I think you might want to hang around a little homie and try to open your heart and ears a bit. This comment is pretty off base.

  16. Wait there's 5 lions now? I thought it was four?

  17. Every move Republican leaders make in Oklahoma squashes big companies from settling here. We're so goddamned backward nobody is gonna settle here. Religious kooks and non voting citizens have doomed us to below Mississippi and Alabama ratings in our people's well-being and future. Hells bells, even Alabama and Tennessee have auto plants. We've got jack shit thanks to Fallin, Stitt, Inhofe, Lankford, Mullin, and the rest of the fascist powers that be.

  18. I thought it was going to be someone elderly. Not that I'm to old

  19. Given how much Hansen dropped the ball with grilling Velez on his disgusting chat logs (aside from providing "nothing sexual to that nature" and a few other good lines), 40 Year Old Virgin here probably enhanced the whole experience with how terrible he was.

  20. One of the biggest disappointments of the series. Imagine Jurassic Pork trying to explain “can I lick your ass before I fuck it?”

  21. 2nd disappointment was not having his interrogation

  22. No it's best to have a meltdown and lie your fucking ass off because I need this in my life

  23. Based. The rest of the world needs to learn from the french. Especially the people of UK and USA.

  24. We have way bigger issues like trans people, and drag shows, and bathrooms, uhh and uhhh books we don't like!

  25. This makes me think of Chris Hansen had an interview this guy would be covering his face with shirt and had his sunglasses over them and would still not ask for a lawyer but would be asking if he could still do the interview and also the interrogation like that.

  26. I think the best of Hansen was in Steven bennoff's and Stanley Kendall's where he says it and it bleeps out.

  27. Maybe if it was one of Hansens son. Father/Son??

  28. Watch it again and observe how he's doing his best not to show the decoy his meth teeth. That's why he makes that weird face when showing her the pwesents.

  29. Also when hes done showing him he starts twalking(fwends!) He fucking puts his hand over his mouth. They were expecting to watch the game I'm sure in a dark litted room so she couldn't see his teeth and also the missing one.

  30. Try a square and try a triangle next to it. They didn't ask for it to connect

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