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  1. Whats the actual context of this if you don’t mind me asking?

  2. I'm not rely sure just saw some Wade was trending in Bulgaria and thought it was funy.

  3. Mojang: We're going to make a horrific, force-of-nature monster that you can't kill.

  4. Honestly still don’t give a shit that they aren’t being added, they still don’t have a use so who cares

  5. Some people pretend to care way to much

  6. From what I understand, it has to do with YouTube rendering. Unfortunately, not much anyone can do. The video just get darker and more compressed.

  7. Couldn't you hypothetically make it record brighter but still show you it like normal. Like i remember some streamer made his screen brighter but for the viewers it was still normal and then he change something or whatever which made it the same for both parties, that is why i think it's possible tho i am wrong right?

  8. If you were to go to the last 20 trending posts about fireflies, you'd think that Mojang is a small startup if you believe what people are saying in the comments

  9. Still doesn't justify people harassing the devs over it, be mad at the company not the people working for it. (not directed at you, just people to thick to get that)

  10. To be fair, it's the head devs that you should give a mean look, they're the ones that lead the entire scedule and project.

  11. Better bows, better arrows, improved crafting for tipped arrows, maybe get slightly more arrows per craft the same way the stonecutter allows you to get more stairs per block, the chance to upgrade bow's material to upgrade durability and/or damage...

  12. Like tipped arrows use cauldrons in bedrock which is cool, better bows/arrows could just be enchants. Maybe it's just that enchants are already too general so any idea for tool upgrade could be covered by them? We probably need an update to address that.

  13. Oooh, yeah fair. I completely forgor what I said

  14. They have there place in the game. This is more talking about quantity of content then anything else.

  15. Would be a funny move if mojang officaly renames it to the mild update.

  16. Man this youtube is getting way harder then it needs to be, now you need browser extensions. Youtube rely needs some competition so they actually improve there service.

  17. Dinnerbone actually made a blogpost about the dangers of Youtube being a monopoly many years ago. This was around the time he first got hired by Mojang. It’s pretty interesting, I’d recommend giving it a read.


  19. Huh just realized it could be understood as that.

  20. When they changed the zombie pigmen model in to the zombie piglin one. Could do something like that to the bats to make them more cute.

  21. Lol am i just shadowbanned on this sub or do i have shit luck

  22. Mom wdym why can't I go and find random ass cats in the city and tame them whit some fishes

  23. Wdym stray cat's are rely easy to tame/bribe in to following you, wolfs are way more unrealistic

  24. This is a game where WILD wolfs can be approached and tamed within seconds with a bone, why would frogs eating fireflies be the issue.

  25. Prob just because that was something Notch did modern mc wouldn't do that.

  26. Reminds me of that mame making fun of this sub i made 6 months ago, still the same lol.

  27. Ye but Mojang personally thought that they shouldn't get added yet the bunnies don't get 1 bit of recognition with carrots

  28. Tbh they probably will recognize it eventually, not sure if they will change it though.

  29. Wait they complained about parrots being fed cookies

  30. Yeah that is the 'whole' reason we didn't get sharks in 1.13 and there can't be hostile real world mobs in the game anymore.

  31. I would love to see woodland mansions become really hard to conquer as well with loot like this.... loot is so bad in the woodland mansion

  32. Man woodland mansions are a push over. To many mobs can be countered by bows and boats.

  33. Yep for sure. They need more mobs. Maybe some vindicators with shields like in Minecraft Dungeons.

  34. True and it's about time they fix the boat exploit since almost any hostile mob can be countered by it.

  35. People thought you could hand it a diamond and it would find more and bring them to you. Not everyone, but enough people believed this and that is why it won.

  36. Eh i mean the devs did seem to push for it a litle more on twiter. Like i was well informed on what was said about the mobs after the vidoes were released and felt like the devs had the most planed for it.

  37. In their defence how could they predict that

  38. Would be funny if they said ''Won't release in Russia for reason that will soon be clear''.

  39. I agree. But people who use exploits to win minecraft but videos that is rock bottom.

  40. Grian shoulda put the chestplate back on in space where there aren't big drops, like in the woodland mansion

  41. It was funny when it saved him once on the stair case and then he died because of it.

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