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  1. are mods on steam yet? last time i had like 4 mods and my saves all of a sudden stopped working.

  2. I don’t trust the government or corporations. Trying to force me to do something will make me want to rebel, especially when it’s natural vs unnatural.

  3. Remove your hot water heater to lower the power bill. Also if you aren’t washing and recycling your toilet paper, get out of my feed.

  4. The conspiracy world can get confusing and take a cliff dive real quick if you aren’t familiar. What OP is saying if you can get through the weeds is this: Social media, television, newspapers, and anything that can be used to program other people will be used (think like a programmer adding instructions to a program/robot). Even other people program other people. This is how the system is working now.

  5. I took out loans that I wish I didn’t. 2 different $20k loans on vehicles and 1 401k loan for mortgage.

  6. A 401K loan (including interest) is paid back to you... it's only bad if you leave the company before paying it back as you will then get hit with an early withdraw penalty

  7. When you borrow on the loan it’s money that can’t be invested. Looking back, I’d rather have invested it and not took the loan.

  8. The government and corporations have made it harder for us. Now that they have basically merged, you can’t tell one from the other.

  9. I didn’t. If I lose my job, I’ll do my best to keep on trucking.

  10. Most hot water heaters are turned up unbelievably high. By adjusting just a small amount, goes such a long way with the power Bill.

  11. Because they feel their Irish ancestry entitles them to some victimhood or some shit. If they were just regular Americans they wouldn't feel the need to connect with their Irish "brothers" and feel like they have a say in Anglo-Irish affairs. I think "Scottish-Americans" do the same thing. Being partially descended from someone from an "underdog nation" makes them feel weirdly connected with that nation and it's politics, despite having literally nothing in common with the country or its inhabitants. An American of English or German descent wouldn't do this.

  12. What happens if you replace Irish with “African American”, “Native American” or “Hawaiian”?, in your reply?

  13. Independent Baptist but was interested to see so many similarities with Orthodox.

  14. Well that fucking sucks!! I'm always irrationally terrified of this happening but I didn't think it actually happened.

  15. You would be surprised at how many people build decks without bolting them to the house.

  16. There are things most people don’t understand about the way our wacky world works.

  17. I think they're related. I think it was to keep all news about Facebook from emerging. I think she's fake. Think about every other whistle-blower you've ever heard about; they're ostracized/incarcerated/killed, yet this woman nobody has ever heard of is all of a sudden blasted across front pages of MSM. This a false flag event to increase censorship. Any day now

  18. Why would she fake about the kids being addicted and that facebook targets them? I’m not saying you are wrong but I don’t think she is either.

  19. I don’t think they mean that her claims are necessarily fake, but rather that the whole “whistleblower” narrative was coordinated and staged (thus “fake”).

  20. It is for sure not organic, it exploded out of nowhere, no build up at all. All of a sudden she is on the front page of the internets.

  21. Sure looks like a simple little two speaker bluetooth speaker - I see two speakers and it looks a lot like this one at Walmart

  22. Oh we have a reasonable person here? Better watch out, mods are awake.

  23. I've done jobs like this, it's so shit. You get home exhausted, the evening goes in the blink of an eye and you spend the weekend resting so that by the time you finally feel better it's fucking sunday and you've got to do all your chores.

  24. If you get a weekend. My first job was this 6-7 days a week. Trying to give our overtime away to any takers.

  25. Copper, silver and gold are manipulated. If you try to correlate them with dollars, you will always be left confused.

  26. I don't really care what everyone else thinks or how intelligent they seem over the internet. I'm sure I come off pretty stupid more times than not lol.

  27. Ya most people believe if you don’t denounce it, you full on believe it. They will be like: “oh you believe the government did 911” me: “no, I’m just not sure what exactly happened that day, but it seems the news isn’t giving us all of the facts.” them: “so you believe in flat earth?”

  28. If you think about the tribe of North Sentinel island off of India. They haven’t been contacted at all by the outside world and don’t have any modern technology (electricity, petrol, social media, medicine, etc). I wonder if they think the same about the world being in turmoil?

  29. Guinness foreign extra stout. Should I buy a fireplace insert or keep it an open hearth?

  30. Possible someone could’ve shot this in the air being ignorant. Luckily this one hit the ground or your roof and bounced off. Hope I’m wrong.

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