1. Yes. Im very aware. So what's your point? You mad I got all the cute femboys? You mad I got all that good bussy in my sex dungeon? You mad I blocked your IP from being able to go on all the good hentai sites?

  2. I have wanted to make a meme like that, could you please send me the empty template?

  3. What the fuck is authright tradwife saying? Is libright GF using a bidding system? This is all so cursed

  4. Based and doesn’t need to consoom to appreciate the meme pilled

  5. I just tried reverse image search but didn’t find anything , so the OP must have deleted the original post

  6. I’m libcenter, but somebody get this man to the State Asylum for the Criminally Online

  7. Based and monke doesn’t tolerate degeneracy pilled

  8. Τι έκανες στην προηγούμενη σου ζωή ώστε να γεννηθείς στην Ελάδα του 2022;

  9. Καθαρόαιμος Ελλην ή βάρβαρος;

  10. Απόγονος του Μέγα Αλεξάνδρου (σαλονικα)

  11. What Authright needs to realize is that while the USSR may have collapsed, we didn't beat the communists.

  12. Yeah because ideologies will always exist. The regime, however, that represented communism is dead

  13. I think monarchism and mercantilism are dead.

  14. No, I mean what did the deleted comment say. Was it some purple libright tier garbage?

  15. No, he said basically that not all gay people are pedos and not al pedos are gay people, and groomers should be thrown into a woodchipper

  16. I'm pointing out how stupid and barbaric it is to perform genital mutilation on a child

  17. Oh I thought you were being serious and advocated for it

  18. Nope. Just heavy sarcasm and a lot of sadness.

  19. Οι πιπες που σου κανω δεν φτανουν για αυξηση;

  20. Αυτό είναι μέρος της δουλειάς σου

  21. Αφεντικό, ζητάνε πάλι το DVD με τη μάνα σου αλλά μας τελείωσαν ολα

  22. Ψάξε στην αποθήκη, κάτι θα έχει εκεί

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