1. I feel like Burrell was generally underrated around the league and still to this day since he mostly pre-dated the team becoming true contenders. Everyone still mostly thinks of Utley, Howard and Jimmy when they think of those great Phils teams (understandably so)

  2. He was a big part of the locker room for sure but stats wise he was extremely average. Love Pat though

  3. I didn't think I'd miss pancake land or whatever the last season was

  4. I'm 100% okay with it considering how desperate we have been for a true #1 for such a long time

  5. I didn't put the two together until the day game against the Braves this week and I feel really silly

  6. Yeah only way Nunes was beating her was pure man strength. She out manned Pena this wasn’t a woman Vs Woman. She showed who’s the man. She was so much stronger everywhere.

  7. “Choose to use the same deck” and “it’s expensive and takes literal years to invest in another 8 cards to play with so I picked a deck invested in it until i earn enough to finally branch out” are very different lol, ive been able to rotate a few cards in and out but not the same (i run RG cycle so i might go crazy and swap skellies for ice spirit and back occasionally but levels matter significantly less)

  8. Are you the Flyers? Because if you're the Flyers you have a moral obligation to sign that contract.

  9. What does T-City even mean? It's gotta be one of the worst nicknames in the UFC

  10. I've said it since Day 1 of Flying Machine.

  11. Firecracker is the dummest card in the game and can defend against literally anything

  12. Except for when she can't choose with Larry to lock on to and never shoots


  14. I genuinely thought you linked the dictator's wikipedia and put (elephant) in parentheses

  15. Unless its the princess yawn or heeheehaw, using a single emote after you win is not BMing

  16. I personally never make assumptions about anything

  17. As a living breathing creature that is literally impossible.

  18. People gotta stop putting so much weight into PFF. It's a stat aggregator, not the end-all-be-all of rankings.

  19. unfortunately until we get something better, there's a non-zero chance it's going to come up in every debate

  20. Forsberg and Pronger were my two favorite non-Flyers growing up. I'm so thankful I got to see both of them in orange and black at some point

  21. I use custom Goblin Drill Mirror 2.6 to counter hog 2.6.

  22. Interesting! I might have to check that out

  23. Luckily, Andy is a package deal with Burt MacLand FBI, so you will be safe.

  24. it looked like it wasnt eye poke, so any pain is more than it looked. it wasnt an eye poke tho he literally pushed off his face

  25. His finger went in his eye what are you on about

  26. Pedro won round one and round two was competitive. I'm angry we are losing the opportunity to watch such an exciting fighter but it does not make any sense to say he faked an injury to get out of the fight.

  27. I feel about as friendly towards the Saints as Sheldon Brown felt when he impaled Reggie Bush

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