My boy got shot with a shotgun and his left front leg was shattered into pieces, now he's made full recovery

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  1. Good, just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there

  2. yea the shocking thing was I thought how hard is it for her to see those and we assume she is sick but she can just see more than us but what made me scare was how she was describing the creature that she was so scared it should've been something creepy that made her scream like that

  3. How did they describe it? If you don’t mind me asking. On that thought of mental illness what’s interesting is there is definitely a fine line between what is delusion and what is actually “seeing” and some concepts in magic do require you to reach a certain state of “insanity” to properly follow through with the rituals and such. Easy example being drums circles for conjuring. Basically getting blasted drunk and high and then dancing around a fire with the proper songs to invoke spirits

  4. I would say, that you’re being manipulated and apparently people have been terrible enough to you throughout relationships that you find this to be “good” behavior. You should find someone that loves you individually instead of a person who is with another trying to compensate or have extra relations to make themselves feel good and instead have a person that solely cares about you. Probably this thought will get me banned from this sub but it honestly makes me sad. I wish you the best

  5. Fair enough, as long as you’re happy that is the main thing!

  6. Do what you like, probably would have been best to leave your parent out of it. They come from a different time and well. You didn’t need to reveal it to them and it only caused further stress for yourself and them

  7. Actually, I don’t think half the people who seem like paid trolls actually even get paid. People just love to contradict each other.

  8. Just a heads up if you’re not doing this already. Put that laptop on some kind of lap desk. Having it straight up on that blanket is going to kill your laptop

  9. You’re a sociopath, just because you talk about your endeavors on the internet isn’t some kind of valid confession that invalidates your actions. I would say seek help but I imagine that would be pointless as apparently you need to keep up the appearance that you’re not just a total degenerate. What I say and you’ve said means nothing.

  10. So the odds are, what, one in a million or so of that actually being a real card? And it's only even one because we've realized humans can be incredibly nuts?

  11. Yeah, a card company making a limited amount of paper cards really gets the people salivating and willing to spend obscene amounts of money, I guess that “exclusivity” for ya

  12. Why is no one pointing out, that they’re wearing a swimsuit around a rice paddy

  13. 2nd Tim, chapter 3, verses 1-5. Very prescient.

  14. Am I the only one bothered by the “sincerely held belief” being in quotation marks?

  15. What if they bring in the experts, like some special "gay squad" or the marines?

  16. First ones in, last ones out 😉

  17. But then how am I suppose to hide the shit in it? Or you talking about busting loads?

  18. Nothing more classy than 9/11, Michael Myers music and being shirtless

  19. Why is nobody talking about how stupid his outfit is? Yes, it’s shocking that he’s fat instead of toned and muscular…

  20. Shut up, he’s got the armbands, the belt and the hammer. That is Thor

  21. I mean I wouldn’t fuck with Ivermectin, but people talking like “but it’s for animals” acting like Ketamine hasn’t been a thing for decades

  22. Now is it play dead? Or he ded?

  23. Yessss, this. How is it some random was able to do a better job then the people being PAID to do it?

  24. It’s because actors are not picked based on ability but rather how good they sucked off the producers and directors, that includes the men too so I’m not being biased

  25. I am glad kitty is alive and recovered ❤️

  26. Sorry, I’m just describing all of Seinfeld

  27. All these posts bitching about it being single use plastic or being junk food and not one of you mention that this person just put their groceries on the porch and took a picture and made up a story to karma farm

  28. True true, most musicians are pieces of shit anyway so if the music is at least good there’s that

  29. This can’t be prediction this kind of thing at least happens at least once or twice a year

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