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  1. Yea had to delete and reinstall was able to get back in

  2. Happened to me on a war attack with the same team, center pos left open to drop in a key character (Zemo/rhino)

  3. Would love if it had that cocky quote ‘oh we’ll handle your little witch’ with the smirk at the beginning 😝

  4. He’ll never be the head of a major corporation

  5. No brainer, bracelet is worth any difference in evening out the 2 weeks of gambit rewards

  6. My favorite joke was a quick throw-away when Austin wakes up, sees the Russian official there, and immediately assumes that global communism has triumphed. The British official has to explain, "No, we won."

  7. Finally those capitalist pigs will pay for their crimes, ey comrade?

  8. Morbius gets a big focus boost at G14, almost double. Helps to land the traumas and blinds

  9. Down for me too. Not buying the offer if it’s not on the web store

  10. Apparently Spidey and Miles only get their rework stat boosts at G14 (and they're pretty massive boosts) so I would say one of them. Probably Spidey but that's because I have him at 14 and Miles at 13 lol

  11. This. You won’t see big boosts until G14. Get them all there ASAP then go bigger on Scarlet and Gwen

  12. Antman has one I’ve never been able to trigger but I hear it’s a lot like statures where he just grows big and throws somebody

  13. Only T4 for iron fist would be the passive….

  14. Defense if you’re in the reactor. BO mirror match with disrupt can prevent Thanos buffs

  15. They really screwed themselves by rushing out venom. Should have built up the symbiote as its own character, just like Brock, that is scorned after spidey rejects it. The whole ‘we are venom’ never worked as they are both their own identities and not united as ‘one’ for their hate of Spider-Man. Such a wasted opportunity.

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