Mother caught sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend

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  1. Who cares your qued up with 8 players and 82 bots shits a joke and has been for a long time

  2. So this is what you do ….go roll a mage lv 1 call it a day

  3. Gave me 8 days for taintsniffer my priest i can concur they arnt fucking around

  4. Despite her being a complete cunt id like to think she can suck a mean dick

  5. The fuck my guy you got it made bro , she pays the phone shorts shirt probs everything and you still need to slay that grand ma pussy ? Geez

  6. If your answer isn’t Sarah you havent watched enough

  7. So funny when you can guess the race of a random person just from the way they text and shorten words etc.

  8. There is a chain its just ….not …. There

  9. Yoooo what a crazy fucker shes gunna fuck someones days up for sure who ever her next victim is i feel for that guy.

  10. Yeah csgo pussies keep downvoting 🤣 Ok Supreme peakers

  11. Its ok they down vote cause they think medals and skins mean shit lol

  12. Brooo this is a male plant 😂😂🤣🫵 not even gonna hit bro 🤣🤣😵‍💫🫵🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. They only care if you bring up loot boxes , do your self a favor and say fuck mm go check esea or face it mm is not fun

  14. How does one cum 0.5 times a day ? And yeah i had a “knob swab” back in the day it was brutal.

  15. Imagine the hog on him my lord , and hey were all thinking it im just putting it out there.

  16. Have u tried lowering ur sens? Aiming is also not just mouse movement. It's strafing in every direction, and most importantly good crosshair placement due to map knowledge. And to train ur aim just play 10/20/30 min on aimbotz per day. Or a dedicated aim trainer. If that doesn't work ur just not made for the prestigious gold nova aim lol. Gl

  17. Dont care how many good cops there are fuck wits like these two have ruined it for them all , fuck the police cause they will never be 100% free of corrupt and retarded officers.

  18. Pubg has always run like ass and when they try to “optimize” the game fps its just worse and worse every go , it wasent getting any better 5 years back and still isnt now hence why no ones plays that shit anymore, theres bots in every game for a reason.

  19. This many people with that haircut something has to go down

  20. Shes got her own car , man the fuck up and tell this bitch to kick rocks firstly she has her own ride second shes useing your gas and that shit aint cheap these days cuz for those two reasons alone tell her to fuck her self.

  21. Jesus dumb as broad just walks in no fucks given

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