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  1. Thx this was my first film after years being out highscool so im pretty happy with it all considering

  2. The style and lighting give me serious Nosferatu vibes. Looks incredible!

  3. he and marvelgrantboy. All that user does is post articles/trailers/screenshots/posters and a comment about the synopsis or some other detail. I wouldn’t mind it if it just didn’t feel like blatant astroturfing. Because the only types of comments the account leaves are synopses, details, or some other clarifying news.

  4. Wonder if maybe it's the mod's mouthpiece account for this sub.

  5. how else could a 2 year old account have 7 million karma?

  6. If you check out you would be both devastated and amazed at the fact that some accounts aren't even that old and have many times as much karma

  7. The road to 3 Bil is now open

  8. If looking for recommendations while waiting I would say check out First Law series by Joe Abercrombie. Good dark feel helped me fill the void waiting. If you enjoy them he has a few different standalones and series in the same universe.

  9. Google the Cosmere reading order. It's awesome and will continue to yield great works - even when he chooses to stop writing.


  11. IIRC the burning of the oil wells in There Will Be Blood actually caused production on No Country For Old Men to halt because of the giant clouds of smoke they sent up into the sky lol

  12. It really sucks when people leave you without reason, at least tell me what I did wrong

  13. Yeah, the whole radio silence thing is the worst thing one could do

  14. Why leave the house and go in the cold for a fairly by the numbers legal drama when it will be on streaming in 17 days?

  15. Shit I didn’t realize it would be streaming so soon lol definitely going to wait on it then

  16. Can someone pls tell me WTF happened to Tyler? Some article said he hung himself in shame, but if so i totally missed that.

  17. When he pushed down on it and the grease was squeezed out. Damn.

  18. He was shown hanging in the closet when Margo went to get that barrel.

  19. It does look a little better in the edited video, but I agree with you on the stills. High amount of grain.

  20. I've said for years that I think the Pirates franchise made the mistake of sticking with Jack Sparrow as a main character after the trilogy. If they wanted to keep the franchise going it needed to expand. Diminishing returns of 4 and 5 not only set people's expectations that you need Sparrow for a Pirates movies and that left the franchise is a tough place.

  21. Wasn't PotC 4 the highest grossing one of them all though?

  22. Does it look like Legolas is sniffing his arrow before he shoots?

  23. Reminds me of that review Snowbird used to promote themselves when a skier left them one star and said their stuff was “Too difficult”

  24. It was written as a negative, but everything in the review is something I would want in a pub

  25. It’s the same as when Snowbird, a ski resort, made an ad out of a one star review that said “Too difficult” lol

  26. Out of the entire movie that line got the loudest laugh from the audience.

  27. I remember seeing that scene in one of the promos and it made me go see the movie in theaters. Felt like the humor overall in BP2 was better handled than the constant jokes from TL&T. I do enjoy Tika's brand of humor, but Love and Thunder just smashes you over the head with it relentlessly. Namely the screaming goats.

  28. Isn’t she like 13 in the comics? I think they want all the kids to be around 18-20 for the young avengers thing.

  29. I wouldn't be surprised, I just got the impression that the "Let's go!" promo made her 14 or something.

  30. Maybe people are waiting to see it today bc it’s a holiday weekend (Veterans Day)

  31. I saw it last night and will say, it should have better legs than TL&T as the story feels more streamlined and there aren't as many goofy scenes in it.

  32. I’m talking about the story overall lol Thor felt like it jumped around in tone and pacing, didn’t utilize the villain nearly enough, and threw too much at you. BP felt a bit more out together


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