1. I thought Dogs In The Vineyard was pretty unique.

  2. Hmm right. But many friends and relatives just want me to lose in life. They do not care about me. Friendships and relationships with relatives work like this here. Exceptions are rare people. one or two. But changing the subject helps. Thanks andero

  3. This confusion is no fault of yours. That is a very poorly worded Move.

  4. I have no strong opinion on the move as I haven't played with it but it seems rather clear to me: if an attack is coming, you're in position to parry, and decide to do so, then the move triggers. Is there an ambiguity I'm not seeing? How would you rephrase the move to better fit your standards?

  5. Great question! My thinking is that this doesn't work well with the way GM Moves work.

  6. Dungeon World is the game that people think D&D is before they play D&D.

  7. It's a bit clunky. Also, going from 2d6 to 3d6 takes the weak points of AW and makes them weaker (long story short, due to 3d6 having a stronger central tendency).

  8. I like the idea of exploring PbtA with a 2d6 approach, but this sounds a bit clunky so far.

  9. Thanks. I struggled for a long time. They’re fairytales for adults, that’s all. Kids need them to help make sense of a confusing world, and it’s no different for many adults. We all cope somehow.

  10. In some respect we all take things in faith. Religious people turn to the Bible (or whatever) while atheists turn to science - but to a child, who lacks the greater context that so much requires and can only be gained throughout our lives, they must take things on faith, be it “because God said so” or “because I said so” or “that’s just how science works”. They might not be stories from the Bible, but to a kid they’re stories just the same and they’re trusting their parents are teaching them the truth.

  11. These two recent videos by John Harper

  12. You are really wonderful for taking this amount of time and effort to respond. All your comments and critiques are taken in the spirit they were intended.

  13. I applaud you for your efforts.

  14. Poor guy. You seem like you might be going through a manic episode or something.

  15. My guess is a solid "maybe".

  16. If you're interested in this, maybe you'll also find this idea interesting (I made it up, but maybe others thought of this first, I'm not sure:

  17. Yes! I am extremely sensitive to light.

  18. Their boss asked them, "What would the election results look plotted on my uncle's liver?"

  19. There is A LOT of glaring counter-evidence to your claims.

  20. My question might have not shown this clearly enough, but I'm not really concerned about the validity of the big 5 personality measure on individuals, but instead the validity of the evidence supposedly "proofing" that the big 5 model is useful. Still tho, while I'm aware most of psychologies metrics are population based, I feel like you take your critique of "running correlation backwards" to far.

  21. I have depression and anxiety on top of SPD so needless to say I have 0 motivation to do anything and virtually no interest in anything. I am a NEET and have been a burden for so long to my family but it feels like I have no way out, because my anxiety is so intense and my anhedonia is so strong. There's nothing I want to do and I can barely function at all socially.

  22. Many years ago, I was GMing a game in a homebrew fantasy setting.

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