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  1. Y’all is a real word, same as isn’t and can’t. Literally just a conjugation of you all

  2. Brainwashing an entire generation to believe that Wikipedia isn’t a trustworthy source of intel

  3. Those are check rails, they make sure that if a train derails it doesn’t veer off the bridge by catching the wheels. They’re usually found on bridges or other high up places where it would be necessary if a train were to derail.

  4. No problem, as a train nerd my knowledge comes in handy about once a year at most

  5. Well, technically the heat didn’t travel, it was light which was converted into he-

  6. Oops I thought he meant model trains. Sorry.

  7. Cool! Hooe to see her myself one day. Ive seen Mallard once, and those locomotives are just so stunning.

  8. By the way, if you like British locos in general, if you go to see this at the railway museum in Montreal, there is an lbsc terrier in the second building, I think you might have to ask staff to see it but it’s worth it.

  9. The one and only general I think it's the last of the 4 4 0 locomotives I think

  10. These two locomotives are replicas, there is a documentary on their design and construction. As for remaining 4-4-0’s, there are many throughout the us

  11. Model trains, people. I'm surprised nobody said anything about model trains.

  12. In at least one instance, a logging railroad, rod engines were run through dips with 25% grades. So, maybe, but this is very unlikely and unrealistic.

  13. Rod engines at 25%? Yea I could understand a climax or a shay but there’s no way that happened on an adhesion railway. Was it a rack railway? If not, I’d love to know the story

  14. Interestingly, Compound VW does come in a manual.

  15. Interurbans are really cool, I found out that my area used to have one called the Toronto radial railway

  16. The Royal Family don’t bring enough value to the UK to justify the enormous cost of having them.

  17. I actually want to see someone do a cost benefit analysis on the cost of the royal family and the tourism income they generate, I wonder how far off it would be

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