1. Simply fascinating. Such an iconic and important band in Canada. No judgment because I get it, they never had sustained success in the US for whatever reason.

  2. Yeah it's not impossible, though I would expect to have a title more like Lab Assistant where you'd draw patients but also process some of the tests in the lab

  3. i just got called for an interview on friday from the hospital for a full time phlebotomist. i recently just got certified about a month and a half ago. i’m assuming that if hired that i will be working with someone until fully trained by them?

  4. I would assume so but that's something you'd ask the hiring manager

  5. that will definitely be one of my first questions. i’m excited to get the interview but nervous since it will be my first interview for a phlebotomy job since being certified

  6. Best set every year. Always look forward to it.

  7. The Mets had a tendency to run Robles out there 4 times in 5 days and then say "he's got a rubber arm, he pitches better with a heavy workload" after he got lit up.

  8. i was beyond happy once robles was off the mets. i could not deal with that amount of stress watching an already stressful team anymore

  9. tenchu and socom will always be on my list of favorite games of all time

  10. I hate sand. It's coarse and rough, and it gets everywhere.

  11. get some melinda’s ghost pepper hot sauce on there and that’s a hell of a dish

  12. if you pull a brandon nimmo and he’s available, would love to trade or buy off you

  13. i would rather them bring up alvarez now and see what happens than what mccann hit nothing but ground ball outs

  14. no matter what the job, always try to be doing something that makes you happy

  15. Your best bet is to tell your league he’s on the trade block and wait until someone offers you two superstars

  16. that’s what i did and getting nonstop lowball offers. wanted to just get some opinions

  17. Of course you're getting lowball offers, you aren't going to get fair value right now.

  18. thank you for the advice. my first time in keepers and i took over an orphan team, was just seeing what good options there are

  19. i’m in michigan as well. that place looks just like my apartments haha

  20. it was by far one of the most boring episodes of any ghost adventures series i have ever seen

  21. best part of the movie is him having to push the car with his mom

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