1. Google ads is volatile. Data can be volatile. Explaining this to clients though is like telling an ape they’ll be stuck in a zoo cage the rest of their life.

  2. Then it seems like your landlord is breaking the lease agreement. Your lease requires the landlord to provide your unit with two parking spots.

  3. NAL but probably grounds to break the lease with no penalty

  4. I lived in Golden/Denver for a few years and worked at a bike shop there, so I’ll try to explain. The public space managers in the front range (jeffco open space) are anti bike. So the trails that are available are pretty much all you get. And many are poorly designed. There are some good trails, but… they should be better, considering the available terrain. Until 2 years ago there was only one dedicated directional bike only trail in the entire Denver/Golden/Lakewood/etc area. Also, the trails are SUPER crowded. Tuesday at 11 am in shitty weather: packed parking lot at any trail. Saturday and Sunday? Forget it. You can only get in a few pedal strokes at a time before you have to pull off the trail for a hiker etc. also, with the increasingly terrible traffic, unless you live in Golden, you’re driving 45 mins to an hour each way to ride. That said, I really enjoyed riding there, but I had a good off peak work schedule. I also had the time to ride Trestle 2 or 3 days a week all summer. Also, people in the front range really like to bitch about everything, so there’s that. Where I live now, I can literally ride out of my driveway to great trails with zero people on them, even on a Saturday. The trails could be better, but they’re good and there’s so goddamn many of them and they’re almost entirely people free. And illegal trails usually get added to the legal networks and maintained.

  5. For those of you following along at home: this is the angry view of the Front Range. The other is that you're about 30 minutes from hundreds of miles of singletrack, with great views, dedicated volunteers, and rowdy terrain--all of which you can access without crowds before work. Could it be better? Sure. But I've lived in Missouri, Virginia, and Michigan, too, and the Front Range doesn't suck. (Agree that JeffCo Open Space is run by folks who hate bikes, though.)

  6. Have you been to LA area? (Santa Monica Monica mts, San Gabriel)

  7. NAL but work in the insurance industry. Assuming this guy doesn't shape up quickly and return your working car to you (unfortunately perhaps a bit doubtful) call your insurance provider and tell them this story. They may be able to help you, just as they could if someone off the street stole/scrapped your car.

  8. Also NAL. But if you leave a review like this or threaten to, it will ruin his entire business. You have more leverage than you think.

  9. I mean assuming OP is telling the truth and there’s evidence, that’s not really extortion. Is threatening to call the cops also? Haha

  10. Oh that’s sweet. Im curious why you take the fat bike out if you can swing year round rides. Is this when it’s too snowy for a weeks or months? I just get so confused when people say trails are too wet during winter and some say it’s doable. Lol

  11. The trails that I mentioned can be snow-covered for a couple days at a time, but they dry up pretty quickly.

  12. No way. Shes always talking about the confident guy and not wanting to waste time with (basically) betas/guys with no confidence. She definitely prefers getting pushed against a wall and manhandled

  13. 4K is not pennies to cvs. It’s ants. What the hell

  14. Sort of figuring it out lol. In part why I left CA is that it was expensive. I’ve learned though that all great places are expensive lol. Just visit and if you can’t with kids, don’t move. Only do it once you’ve visited and it feels right

  15. It is hard to visit ALL of the places I have job offers at. Plus we don’t have much time bc they all want me to start working lol

  16. Pick two and go and do a ton of research. Do not move on a whim. Spend money and visit

  17. Selling a bike right now is easier than possibly anything lol

  18. Minnesota. We have snow on the frozen ground from dec-march or so. I also xc ski. The freeze thaw cycle closes the trails in April and late October, early November usually so no mtb then. I also zwift. Indoor training gets you fit in a hurry.

  19. Yeah Minnesota is cold like my hometown Chicago lol

  20. XC skiing is a big one for me. I also ride road quite a bit including when the weather is nasty and cold. Mental training is what we call it. Our wives call it stupid.

  21. Everyone from Boulder is from SoCal or Connecticut lol. But yah I’m sure you’ll love the easy to get to vistas that offer you social media likes. : )

  22. I love SoCal. All these places have pros and cons. Traffic in Denver at least isn’t amazing either lol. Rocky Mountains are majestic but San Gabriel / Santa Monica mountains are Up there too imo

  23. It’s not the climate that matters, it’s the mud. When the snow melts many trails turn to mud and the country closes them. So it can be 60° Monday but you can’t ride because Friday’s snow just melted.

  24. Makes sense. Maybe I shouldn’t of taken SoCal for granted haha

  25. It's pretty much over in the northeast US. 70% vaccinated. Everything's open, it's all about the masks now.

  26. Looks similar. You guys have some awesome single-track I here

  27. And just as bad is that people don't know the vast disparity between a million and a billion. You couldn't spend a billion pounds / dollers in a lifetime. Nobody needs / deserves that much wealth.

  28. Nobody needs but I wouldn’t say they don’t deserve it. What have you done lately? Not to be rude but for example jeff bezos has put more money in business pockets (small to large) than any company in the history of the world. Everyone profits off his creation that he grinded for 15 years to make successful. E-commerce accounts for majority of sales in this pandemic economy especially.

  29. I think a lot of modern residential construction is like this, honestly. SFHs too.

  30. Amenities is where all their money goes. It sells lol

  31. Fair, I don’t disagree and am a capitalist enthusiast but also advocate for quality control. We expect this in all other aspects of life. The windows of our cars are much better insulated than these shitty apartments lol

  32. both my gf and I have worked as servers and bartenders and from firsthand experience we maintain a rule that making a move on someone while they're at work is a bad strat-- we've both been subjected to it. however, of all the methods of doing that, phone number on the receipt is easily the least frustrating or egregious. again, this is coming from the perspectives of both a man and a woman who have been on the receiving end of that before.

  33. Agreed thank you. I suppose it’s harmless, but a little awkward nonetheless if I come back? Haha

  34. could be awkward, but if it is, it'll at least be somewhat behind closed doors and not as obtrusive as it otherwise could be

  35. Thank you for the advice. Frame of mind is everything. That was helpful.

  36. People over romanticize geometry. If you’re not racing and trying to beat every second then it won’t matter as much for you. Obviously the far ends of the spectrum do effect ride characteristics but I’ve ridden and owned around 10 bikes from all styles. The giant trance advanced is not much different than the rest of what he posted. In fact I bet you wouldn’t even be able to tell me what type of geometry you were riding if you couldn’t see the bike.

  37. Fair, can’t argue with that. My point came more from grapevine theory than experience LOL. I will say, however, I used to have a trek Marlin 7 and the geometry compared to my stumpy feels like night and day. However, that might be more of the rear suspension / overall components than anything

  38. Also the geometry of the Marlin is meant to be for an XC bike, while the Stumpjumper has more trail and all-mountain oriented geometry. They’re bikes built for different purposes

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