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  1. Is that two multi-tools? I think this is the first time I have seen this. May I ask why?

  2. I rotated them throughout the day. I work from home and sometimes I swap out what I walk around with. Trying to still find the one to rule them all.

  3. How's the expedition treating you? I prefer it's aesthetics over just about any other watch, but the Amazon reviews were a deterrent.

  4. So far so good. I really like the aesthetics too and the indiglow is a nice feature. I’d say well worth the money!

  5. Holy moly, how long did the friar take you? Legit amazing…well done!

  6. I love this review! I know how much I love playing mine and the full rich tone…I like hearing perspective from people with different playing styles and how it works for them. Great guitar, can’t say enough good things about it!

  7. Came here to find as above so below. Gonna check out your other ones!

  8. Very useful, love the Quattro. Works with the compact and lack of a real phillips. Well done!

  9. I’d put the Signal Topo at a close second.

  10. I agree! The Topo etched blade is so nice that I bought just the blade off eBay for my sons crimson Signal. I do like the green as well, see them posted a lot and wish I got that instead of the original color way I got.

  11. I could watch this a million times and still get goosebumps! Jake the rake!

  12. Yes! Love this photo. Are your pliers buttery smooth? Mine are some of the smoothest of my collection.

  13. I’d say it’s worth it, it’s my true edc multitool.

  14. Would a swisscard nailcare be better as a TSA Friendly tool? It's 2/3 of the cost and has more tools, no pliers though.

  15. Couldn’t say if it would be better, but you could get any of the Swiss cards and just take out the blade when traveling. Victorinox scissors are better. Depends on what you want, both are solid options imo.

  16. Blade is easy to swap out using one t10 bit. It’s kind of ridiculously easy…go wild and swap all the things. I bought a Signal Topo blade on eBay and my son swapped out his crimson Signal blade and I took his BO blade for my regular Signal.

  17. What a great photo! That tomato looks too perfect.

  18. What’s been your favorite to pocket carry. I already have a skeletool and can’t decide between the signal or p2.

  19. I always have the Style on me. Between the Signal and P2, I probably pocket carry the Signal more. The P2 is great for one handed usage though!

  20. Great choice, I love my Signal! I have some posts on various mods I’ve done with it if interested.

  21. It doesn’t look too neat, but you can fold it in half and fold the end over. You can also buy toothpick/tweezers in packs of 5 from victorinox…and different colors.

  22. Nice. That clip is not designed for pants…do you have a replacement, or using the sheath?

  23. The onboard one is very shallow, I’m able to force a SAK lanyard through it, but nothing bigger. There is the lanyard ring that comes with the pocket clip and it’s huge.

  24. First glance I thought someone put a pocket clip on a bottle of wine. Brain is tired

  25. Wait… there is silver bottles of wine???

  26. Could be lol. Not a big wine drinker, but looked like white wine with a cool cap. Might be a good idea to get a beer cozy with a belt clip actually.

  27. Big fan of the Signal here! For use in the snow would you consider the Free series? I’m not a mountaineer, but I first got the P2 for the ability to open easier with gloves on.

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