Andrew Tate Official House Raid Footage

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  1. Oh, "a" beer? More like all the beer!

  2. Listen up, America. This is what "a beer" looks like in REAL countries.

  3. Australians normally just fill up the sink with water. No need for an extra bowl when you're already using a pluggable basin.

  4. If your sink only has one... bowl? sink? then you can't rinse anything when the sink is full of hot soapy water without making it cold, diluted and/or overflowing it.

  5. I wonder if he flew through another aircraft's wake turbulence and exaggerated the sighting.

  6. Alternatively "Thicc with baby"

  7. Those are some nice pictures of the southbound end of some north facing animals

  8. "-bound" means "moving in that direction", so your sentence should read:

  9. Person who said cookie press is correct. Here is a different but similar example.

  10. My title describes the thing, which looks as if it's made for squeezing something out through the eye-shaped hole in the bottom. There are some scratch marks on the bottom which look as if it has been stood on something hard and rotated. There are slightly different marks on the bottom of the plunger.

  11. "You can tell the female is really getting impressed by the shaking of the booty, and she starts to wiggle herself. It is almost as if she were trunk."

  12. As if Attenborough would ever say "shaking of the booty".

  13. Also because very few people own guns in Romania. Most probably he doesn't have the right paperwork to carry.

  14. One of the mags looked very airsoft to me.

  15. It is a game-changer to replace the insulation of a refrigerator which has been unchanged for the last 30 or 40 years which is not efficient and environmentally friendly.

  16. Sounds great, but I wonder how long the vacuum seal will last

  17. I just wish there was an option to restrict charging my battery to 80% permanently. This AI controlled charging to get it to 100% when I wake up is kinda fine, but if I get up at a different time it's hurting my battery more.

  18. And you cannot feel the cold in a wetsuit.

  19. You do get some funny looks when you pop into Aldi though.

  20. Ehh, guys... Batteries are only dangerous when charged. When I was cobbling this together I discharged to 2.9v skipping the BMS, soldered everhing together barred out , charged it back and magically it didn't explode connected to a charged 24/7 for 3+years as stated till it lost capacity totally.

  21. In the early days, the best part of strapping your kid into a car seat was that you could leave him there while you went shopping.

  22. With tesla "dog mode", you still can!

  23. Yep. It's a helpful skill, especially for road trips or long hikes. If I know I'll need to "hold it" longer the next day, I'll drink extra water the night before so I sleep through the discomfort of increasing hold time and wake up with a bigger tank, so to speak.

  24. When you take if I turn off the light and run asap to my bedroom the monster couldn't catch me to another new level

  25. I've been using one of [these] (

  26. Looks like you can plug your bulldozer in there to charge.

  27. Plenty of people outside the US don't learn to drive, so that wouldn't work.

  28. You've got your arithmetic backwards. The power strip is good for 10A at 125V = 1250W. Your power bricks are 30W each, so 120W total. You're not going to overload the power strip by plugging in 4 of them.

  29. The boards I bought were knockoffs - albeit with real MCUs on them. If you buy the

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