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  1. Nicely done. I was just lookin into making these same flatbreads.

  2. Just have a go. It's not much trickier than making pancakes. Don't get intimidated by it. I used skyr instead of water to give it a higher protein content.

  3. 8/10. Would prefer fries over roasted potatoes.

  4. Chicken thighs were roasted then shredded. Potatoes were baby ones made from fresh so cutting them into fries wasn't possible. Deep frying potatoes at home is a waste of oil IMO.

  5. I'm cutting weight at the moment so it is a bit light. Still, lost 1kg in the last week so it's paying off!

  6. There's also a really effective treatment of consuming fewer calories than you burn. It's also very affordable, at -10% of your food bill.

  7. Maybe. Is there a way to quickly check if a video or link has been posted before?

  8. Typical guy v girl fight where the guy held back and didn't respect the power of the weaker attacker, and lost as a result.

  9. The units that get these loitering drones are likely more elite and less busy on social media.

  10. Oxford Street is miserable, I always avoid it, though pedestrianising it would solve about 70% of why it's so miserable (rammed pavements, always fighting for space, noticeably bad air quality even for central, extremely noisy).

  11. But where would the black cabs use as a shortcut / patrol for fares? /s

  12. Russia has already ordered all their trainers into front line battalions. A clear sign they aren't planning on mobilizing any reserves.

  13. It's a shame really they couldn't throw them into the meat grinder aswell which clearly what the government wants! It's all part of their plan!

  14. Russia is increasingly using conscripts from Donbass to make up the numbers. This lets them keep Russian deaths off the radar of people inside Russia.

  15. There's nothing inherently wrong about transferring refugees to third countries. Refugees have a right to safety, not safety in a developed country of their choice.

  16. I don't know if Amnesty has been reading the news recently, but another European country has been doing quite a lot of colonialism recently.

  17. An acre of farmland costs about 20k. Give that land permission to have houses built on it and it becomes worth about £2m.

  18. Possibly a round from a multiple grande launcher like an ags17. It can penetrate 90mm of armour which could be enough to get through the roof of a bmp.

  19. She was told her seatbelt was loose enough she could fall out, and was still smiling when it launched. That woman has no fear of death.

  20. Looks like she's on a date with this dude.. Maybe death isn't so bad in comparison.

  21. You just know he's scared of heights and she bullied him to go on.


  23. Bold of you to assume they have a hospital bed

  24. Why do Chechens have this elevated status in the Russian military?

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