Weekend Discussion Thread for the Weekend of June 25, 2021

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  1. I dis this a few years ago in Krakow. It was completely free and took me 2 days. I believe as EU citizen you need to have your PESEL done first (or maybe Pesel is afterwards, not sure). No extra documents were required. Technically you suppose to legalize your stay in Poland if you’re planning to stay for longer then 90 days. I was 6 month overdue when I came to legalize my stay here and it was not an issue for them.

  2. But how can I do Pesel? I receive different information and some says that I need to register my stay in Poland and after I receive a PESEL. How you received yours?

  3. You can get your PESEL by registering your address. This is done by the "zameldowanie" process. You have to go to your local urzad. For me this was on Wielicka street, it depends on where you live in Krakow. I found this quite an easy process, you just complete a form and provide a house contract as evidence. When you register your address they will give you a PESEL number.

  4. thank you. I will research should I register company or not


  6. 2740€ is some insane numbers and are not correct. But yeah, I think I am making more than average person in my country.

  7. “Normal” is usually broke, many people make lots of money and still live paycheck to paycheck. If you are making enough income to cover your wants, needs, and investing at least 20% of it, then you are doing very well

  8. Yeah, maybe you are right. From this month I started to save 20% from all my income and invest it in future.

  9. I am from Estonia, but since May I live in Poland, Krakow.

  10. If you create a new ad account on Facebook you have spend limit. Just run some ads for 4-5 days. Spend some money and pay for ads, then this limit will be increased. You need to get trust from Facebook first.

  11. I think that you can start with it and maybe have someone review your videos before you post them. I think you can write the script of the video, then check the pronunciation of the words that you don't know how to pronounce before shooting the video. I also advise you to listen a loooot of english. Plus, I have seen two french youtubers the other day making videos in english, they had the accent, but they didn't pay much attention to it. And that's what you should do!! I would love to help you more if you want to. Feel free to pm :)

  12. Hey! Thanks for advice. I watch a lot of movies and videos in English, I just don’t have opportunity to speak with someone in English, because in my country nobody speaks.

  13. Hi, just set the price for shipping and put the delivery time in brackets. Example: Standard Shipping (3-7 business days)

  14. Hey, I use gelato, it has cheapest prices

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