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  1. The reassurance is in the DD my friend. One day, we will look back on this, and it’ll seem like it all happened so quickly. Just buckle up and enjoy the ride

  2. Why so vague—which DD specifically? Most were disproven or completely erroneous to begin with. Most of them centered around RC hinting something, clearly as stated, he never was…we are hoping (or coping by saying things like reassurance is DD etc). Company turnaround is possible, but deflationary recession is already rearing its ugly head across retailers earnings. Hope that’s not the case here, but ppl really gotta pull heads out the booties with the blind and easy-to-do dd worship

  3. You’re addressing shit posts about RC’s tweets and what not? Lmfao, I have a hard time believes that you’ve read any of the actual DD if that’s the case😂

  4. What a throwback hahaha this always gave me a good laugh

  5. I personally would love to know whether his questions were screened before hand, and if so what questions were off limits.

  6. If they were off limits, then having GMEDD tell everyone which topics those were, would absolutely defeat the purpose of them being off limits. I’m smooth, but you are making me look like a wrinkle brain lmfao

  7. Sheeesh, to not even remember must be trip😅

  8. Take your negative shit elsewhere bud lmfao, no one here wants to see it

  9. Yeah and no one wants to see this dumb post either which is why the mods deleted it, you cuck

  10. Pull the stick outta your ass hahaha you really seem like a fun person to be around👌🏼

  11. usa exports dollars to the rest of the world. china is incredibly dependent on usd flowing into their economy. the rising interest rate makes dollars less plentiful so other countries must bid for dollars in the open market. this is why usd is rising and other foreign currencies are falling (relative to uds). china likely was running a real estate ponzi economy for an ENTIRE COUNTRY . they super duper ducked

  12. I also must add, the documentary states Chimerica was a relationship where the people in china saved a lot of money, and that money was used to finance a lot of things in the west. Not sure if that’s worded well lol. Thank you for your response!!

  13. 'in the west' means africa and the countries that were a part of the belt and road plan. those nations were also scammed by china, unfortunately.

  14. Ahhh thank you for clearing that one up! You must have a few wrinkles in that noggin eh?

  15. Look, I was of the same mindset, but almost two years into this with absolutely no signs that they’re doing anything about it is kinda shocking to me. They did do a splividend, but really haven’t addressed the issues with it’s handling besides one little press release.

  16. “Throw us a bone” … you seem to misunderstand what is happening. The people that we are up against know no bounds to crime, and if RC/GameStop gives them a reason to sue (similar to what happened to overstock) then this whole things would be derailed.

  17. So what I’m seeing here is I need to buy more🫡

  18. To be fair, he didn't make his money because he was governor. He and his family started Pilot (of which he was president) and he was also CEO for a division of Saks. Just for what it's worth.

  19. Real question is did he use being a governor to make more money through his businesses? Idk anything about the guy, that’s just pretty common

  20. It’s like 4800 for posts and 1200 for comments iirc

  21. Price go down = discount, Price go up = profit! If it’s irrelevant in the long term, assuming you believe the DD, then how would it going down be bad. Cheaper to buy and DRS

  22. Volkswagen never experienced a short squeeze after it did during 2008 , After that nothing much happened why would someone think it will. Just asking.

  23. I've read they can borrow to infinity ,Ive read some stuff but it's to complicated to understand what they can and cannot do.

  24. They might be able to borrow infinitely, but that doesn’t get them out of this hole. Either GME builds enough value to break their line of resistance, eventually resulting in margin calls. Or shareholders DRS enough shares to prove without a doubt that there are too many shares out there. We don’t know exactly what will happen if we make it that far, but my guess is the news will be big, and people will begin to lose all faith in the US markets unless they make some big changes

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