1. 13 years and the top post of all time has < 200 karma. We need more people to check out the wood.

  2. As the owner of a Wrangler and a Palisade, this is a very confusing situation for me as well – haha.

  3. I have one of these in my office – just the small version. I can't really add much else to the mix haha.

  4. Ours started to smell after a few months... It's intermittent but horrible.

  5. I would consider adding a thicker work surface if you're going to use this for more than just cuts. Hardboard is a good option and you can screw it in and replace it when it gets destroyed.

  6. My wife wanted a step stool that stays in the kitchen for reaching the higher cabinets and for the kids to navigate a little better.

  7. What “gender neutral bathroom” is meant for more than 1 person at a time? I call BS on the whole thing.

  8. I've spent time traveling outside of the US and the truth is – a lot of them are. My first experience of this was over a decade ago at a night club in Hong Kong. One bathroom, lots of stalls. It was uncomfortable initially, but the fact that no one else seemed to care made it seem fine. I'd since found that this setup was not at all uncommon, even long-before the current level of wokeness in America is making it seem revolutionary.

  9. I've never been able to get CarPlay to connect on my Palisade with an iPhone 11. Wife has the same phone, connected automatically the first time. No amount of troubleshooting has worked so far.

  10. Oh, god. The new “KN” logo is terrible. It looks fancy, but I feel like nobody in their design department ever stopped to ask if people would actually read that as “KIA.” Most people seem to think it’s the letters K and N put together.

  11. The vast majority of car logos are not phonetic representations of their name, including Hyundai. Audi, Mercedes, Infinity, Volvo, Chevy, etc.

  12. I use 900s for the cymbals that I will beat up a little more, because eventually, I know they're going to have to be replaced. They are made of 2002 bronze, so I imagine you might find something you like in that line.

  13. I also live in the EU, and would be interested in case you change you're mind! Great work!

  14. Yep there's a hair loss drug called finesteride which addresses the DHT point to prevent balding

  15. Correct, it works as a 5-AR inhibitor. It's the nuke option though – there's a lot of other things that can happen when you increase the free testosterone. Particularly if you have other enzymes that can mess with estrogen/progesterone levels.

  16. Minoxidil + 0.5mm microneedling (dermaroller) has shown to be effective for a lot of people. Minoxidil alone works in 2 out of 3 men. I wouldn't expect to go from bald to a luxurious head of hair, but it can definitely thicken thinning hair.

  17. You will need to select a base image that's configured to serve web traffic.

  18. Pa is awful. Went for a morning walk recently and found 3 on me. Didn't even go off the road once.

  19. I remember when pedophile elites, luciferians and adrenachrome along with DMT IV Saline administrations to communicate with "aliens" were fringe theories, what a fucking world we live in when its now flaunted in our faces on a weekly basis.

  20. If I were you I'd end contact with whoever is posing as the devs. Uninstall the app, find the official one from Innersloth and install it. Sounds 100% like a scam, as soon as an app gets famous there are always (pardon the pun) impostors trying to trick people.

  21. Just what I needed to see after the FOURTH time someone has plowed over my mailbox (in 2 years). Does yours have a built-in landmine?

  22. Actually I opted for a super powered spring that will launch them hundreds of feet in the air.

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