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  1. Yes, Echo in Hyde Park is my favorite. The hangover specials and the mimosa pitchers do it right 😁

  2. Lol oh well the down votes made me think otherwise. I actually didn't even search this reddit. I'm in MI and KY Politics just popped up on my homepage. There added a sentence at the end for Kentuckians in general.

  3. Yes, Hogan has been against trump and for science in this pretty much since the beginning. Along with the R governor of Ohio as well, dewine I think?

  4. Yes the republican gov of Ohio is Mike Dewine. He has been a good leader thru all of this

  5. Beshear makes me proud to be a Kentuckian, something I haven’t felt for years.

  6. Andy Beshear is a fearless leader. He makes me proud to be from KY

  7. Did anyone else see something fall off the front of the delivery truck?

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