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  1. hey you cant have those qwerty-clicking soft ass looking fingers forever

  2. I wish all the so called Christians in American politics would support (mental)healthcare for everybody. Thanks lobbyists

  3. Healthcare doesn't help addicts, they can only help themselves. These people's problems are more complicated than that. Only a moron would look at this and think money would solve it. That boomer logic is what has led us here.

  4. You’re basically saying fuck em if they can’t get their shit together. Thats dipshit logic

  5. Yikes. Music is an underrated part of a gym. Sound like it’s chud city at some of these gyms

  6. Live your life. Youre making 3-4x as much as most of us. I can work with sore fingers. So ca you

  7. TLDR guy says Ryan Hall hit him w a surprise sex maneuver

  8. I think he has an elevated memory that’s close to photographic. Hard work +time to train + a certain brand of ‘tism will make you great.

  9. Bruh you just started. Youre going to suck at jiu jitsu for a while. it takes 10 years to get good. shut up and stop being a pussy. this comment comes from a place of love

  10. 🙏 thanks we're really trying to do something special

  11. Yes you’re changing the game so thank you. You should check out Walt West. He’s a skilled blue belt at Shorty’s and competes Ibjjf naga Gindustries more than anyone I know. Always a tough roll gi a nogi… and I’m a giant, but, old brown.

  12. Egg and cheese on English muffin with a smear of that cc

  13. My favorite is whatever i just showed my class. The fact that most of my students are more gifted and learn faster than I did is very rewarding. I also deeply resent this.

  14. Lol yes I hear you. And there’s really not much more satisfying than seeing someone execute what you showed them in class or execute your coaching in a tournament.

  15. But don't you train for life n death scenarios? On the street there is no tapping. Sometimes their livelihood is you, no?

  16. Yeah but odds are you’ll be shot or stomped out by a crew if theres a life death situation. If it’s one on one type deal I think anyone who’s in shape and knows some technique will fight or flight the fuck out of a bad guy or at least get away. My personal fantasy game plan is to Americana or kimura each shoulder useless after I get to side or northsouth. Then it’s either run or unlimited soccer kicks. Merry Christmas!

  17. Yeah no more antibacterial soap. It kills all bacteria. And the absence of beneficial bacteria just leaves the door open for the bad bacteria to set up shop. You’d be better off just using water and cloth. Just get something mild. I like dr bronners

  18. Prolly don’t do calf slicers and twisters right off the bat if your new to the gym without discussing it first. Gyms generally follow Ibjjf rules for belts and sub types.

  19. Did he say “he isn’t going to pay”? In the text he said “give me till friday”. Of course I hope you get your money. Maybe wait till Friday no?

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