1. I think there's too many humans but I think the bigger issue is the lack of activism being held out from humans. We have the technology and resources to live in a modern day utopia but are too selfish and dumb to utilize it.

  2. Tldr; Vote the GOP out, lessen fear and anxiety by staying informed, and call out misinformation every single chance you get.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation. Just downloaded it onto my kindle!

  4. Is this racial erasure? Genocide? I'm so confused how I'm supposed to feel about this. Yay that she's on the better end of systemic racism?

  5. Thanks OP for sharing this. Keep fighting the good fight and ignore the trolls that rather do nothing because they have no hope or are just full of hate.

  6. Reposting my comment from other threads and second comment from another post!

  7. Thanks for posting. The Iranian government has been trying to take away cell phone and internet usage to prevent the Iranian citizens from sharing the truth and exploiting the horror that they are forced to endure.

  8. Do you honestly think that a random photo on Reddit is achieving that? Or that they even see it? It does nothing but make our state seem like the Deep South. Reddit is largely liberal, doubtful these people are on this subreddit.

  9. There was a post a day or so ago where a mustang with the 3% sticker was posted. The owner reached out to the OP to have it removed so yeah there are times when they see it.

  10. It was in DMs. Gave them an award, they said thanks, we had a quick chat and they mentioned the owner reaching out bragging about being a patriot

  11. I like the stickers. Got a few deep chuckles from some of the stickers. The trump in a diaper is my favorite.

  12. Anti-choicers use made-up terms because they know specific words/phrases have negative connotations and that their message will resonate easily with ignorant and/or hateful individuals. 

  13. To those who think it's too many words, don't like the colors, or just hate everything about the post...I don't care 🤷

  14. Instead of giving their worker a table to serve samples off of.... They are wearing the table.

  15. I was confused by the photo but after reading your comment I am LIVID.

  16. Let's just cut the shit and acknowledge that the two of you are racist trolls who are so emotionally underdeveloped that instead of trying to use the all 4 of your brain cells, you decided it's easier to just pretend you're not the problem and blame everyone else.

  17. Yes. Below is an excellent article that shows the benefits of education

  18. Wait… you think there are people who show up to midterm elections to vote who DONT already know who they’re voting for outside of what “sticks in their mind”?



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