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  1. Already went over Qatar and established I was right. You can read above if you forgot the humiliation already.

  2. Only if enforced which it's almost never is. Look at how many churches openly tell their members how to vote.

  3. Thanks for admitting you're wrong. I know you're simply being passive aggressive but the simple conclusion is you know there is no evidence for your position.

  4. Been playing it on gamepass for pc. It's not bad as launch. It still feels...off for a battlefield game with the specialists and their individual abilities. Classes were just better for battlefield.

  5. If you have a pc for gaming I would recommend the Xbox pc game pass.

  6. No way to know if this is true but seems way too likely.

  7. I definitely can see the skepticism, even if it's very believable.

  8. If you're interested there's ways to make it looked more aged. Still the detail is amazing.

  9. Or you had a heart problem because you fucking needed a pacemaker....

  10. Are these seriously real? Maybe they're a one off mistake that wasn't caught at factory?

  11. Sadly not surprised. Even westerners there aren't safe. Wonder how long the shills show up to defend this piece of shit government.

  12. My point was this person complaining about woke transformers is very stupid. Sorry should have been clearer.

  13. Joker is right though. It wasn't Edi that injured her.

  14. Despite that, which is totally fair and correct, we humans are emotional creatures who sometimes associate physical things with feelings they may be correlated to. In particular if said feeling is a life threatening trauma. Not trying to say it is EDI's fault, just that Ash's eventual anxiety may not care if it was her or not

  15. That's a very fair point. Ash already has a preexisting anxiety about other species, can't imagine a synthetic nearly caving her skull in did any good for that.

  16. The infant sustained no serious injuries.

  17. Even if you just made that up out of thin air I'm choosing to believe you and thank you.

  18. Imagine being proud enough you did this to post online thinking it won't go badly for you...

  19. Criticizing your actions isn't racist. Racist would be condemning every brown skinned person because you're a piece of shit. See the difference?

  20. Yeah yeah yeah. Point out the hypocrisy as you should, but also own what you believe in as well.

  21. No prochoice isn't about pressuring people lil forced birth cultist. Nice of you to prove you're a liar too though.

  22. I'd sign that email up on every spam site I could think of.

  23. Fifa is just as much to blame has the theocratic shithole.

  24. From the party of bigots and liars, a bigot and liar.

  25. So they're a bigot, hypocrite, and coward. Sounds pretty typical of the gop.

  26. The person that has an imaginary friend that loves you but will make you suffer for all eternity if you disobey arbitrary rules should be criticizing children believing in Santa.

  27. I’m strongly progressive, strongly support LGBTQ+ rights, am not religious whatsoever… but…

  28. Look up a YouTuber called Jesse gender she did a whole video going in depth why these bans are scientifically wrong and how most examples stem from one event with a sore loser. She does alot of videos educating on trans issues in a very kind empathetic way.

  29. Of course he has to compete to be the biggest piece if shit in the party of bigots...

  30. Depending on state pretty sure that's illegal.

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