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  1. Does it show as only available for the next 2+ hours for anyone else?

  2. Yeah, seeing the same thing - now 1 hour.

  3. 0xc8e300Ee4163ED1659412ef930f8ccD77fB68085

  4. Thanks for the responseI didn't see any useful logs on the game logs, but yes there is a gnome-shell crash, these are the logs:

  5. Well, that's definitely a Gnome bug. The best thing to do would be to file a bug report in Fedora's Bugzilla - though it'll take time before it gets fixed.

  6. Running Fedora & GNOME with all the default settings.

  7. A reference to this very funny joke:

  8. Ooh, I have another use case that would benefit from this even more.

  9. Maybe this is a more politically correct way to say "N***a, please"?

  10. I guess I didn't think people would be that offended...

  11. Yeah actually the article was titled a portmanteau of Chornobaivka and Zmiiny. “Zmiebaivka”. Doesn’t translate and wondered if was too confusing

  12. Haha, it's better than that - the portmanteau also happens to have the word "fuck" in it, too. So "snake fuckery", or "snake clusterfuck"? Definitely not translatable.

  13. Can someone put the balloon girl there, from

  14. Haha, thanks, I was waiting for the second comment. I will have to think what to do about that.

  15. Oh, sure. Normally, buttons respond to a "click": you can press the button, hold it for however long you want, then release it - and the event is only fired on release. However, it's not good for gaming because it adds 100-200ms and makes the button slow. Instead, the event should be triggered immediately when you press it.

  16. Do you really need a hotspot plan? I have a regular Magenta plan, and they can't tell when I'm using the hotspot - it just counts as regular data. (And how could they tell?)

  17. What the hell is up with the downvotes?

  18. Might be an unpopular opinion, but... stop using apps that try to shame you for taking screenshots?

  19. Your post broke Reddit for me, so I made a post about your post...

  20. This is the second time I've read about this. What's wrong with Fi's customer service?

  21. If anything ever goes wrong, they just won't help you at all. E.g.:

  22. On NPR; comes up multiple times per day. Seems like they only have a few sponsors, and C3.ai is one of them.

  23. Ah ok, what medium do you use to listen to NPR news?

  24. OMG! Cossacks! I played it 20 years ago. Will try Cossacks 3 now, and see what happens.

  25. Ok, well, I've wasted waaay too much time on this.

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