1. Hell, he could say that the sky is blue, snow is cold, and water makes things wet, and still be lying.

  2. It definitely would make me have to question it.

  3. Me. My dad drinks more than anyone I've ever seen. I didn't realize until I got to college it wasn't normal to not drink 20 drinks in a sitting.

  4. AA is anonymous, to a degree. I live in a town of 5000 people.

  5. Yeah, I'm an atheist as well who doesn't understand spirituality either. I still get something from every aa meeting I attend. But if you don't want to attend, you just won't. My hangups with religion kept me from being willing to even attempt to attend meetings for a year or so and left me with many unnecessary hangovers and weight gain.

  6. I felt the same way (still do a lot) with aa. They're most çonvenient though and nothing you say there or here will be unique. Although online meetings are an option and you can choose any location you want.

  7. Yep. Me too. 50 days sober for me but I wish I didn't need to give it up lol.

  8. Wish I could go that long without having a drink. Alcohol has gotten me in to a lot of problems. 2 DUIs in 6 weeks, 60 days of jail time, $20,000 in fines, 18 months alcohol classes and a suspended driver’s license.

  9. I've found daily aa or smart meetings, coupled with taking topiramate for cravings (although stop drinking always recommends naltrexone), which has really helped me remove the desire to drink. After getting through withdrawal, I found it much easier to abstain entirely.

  10. Good friends don't jeopardize your sobriety. They encourage it.

  11. Would it auto switch if they already had me fill out paperwork and took my card? She texted me on the day of me class, asked me to come In a little early to sign their waiver and get a credit card on file. They also took my photo as if I was new. But she for sure never said anything about automatic switching.

  12. It doesn't automatically switch. I've gone months without going to my home studio due to work travel and never had them even say a word.

  13. Couple questions, do you get along with your parents? Do they actually want you to stay? If so, then focus on getting to a financial position you feel comfortable before moving out.

  14. So, based on these studies, NJ is great to live in for your working life when building a life and not great when retired. Lines up with what I've heard, from retirees and residents.

  15. Sugar for me. Candy, cake, ice cream, kids cereal, root beer floats. Just load up on whatever food makes you feel good in the moment and feel positive about it because it’s not booze.

  16. Doubling up on something sweet and some exercise if you can. Anything to get you through until you go to bed.

  17. Here I was, thinking the Republicans got rid of the house ethics committee

  18. Yep. Some days I'm just not feeling running.

  19. Ok...glossing over the obvious stupidity and gross craziness of wanting to invade a democracy to overthrow their democratically elected leader.

  20. I set my goal that around 60 days sober id start focusing on diet a bit more. But until then I could eat as I wanted.

  21. Lol obviously anecdotal but I did just have a friend ghost a poor guy because he was 5'4 and she is 5'5 or 5'4. Although I think she's a bit shallow anyway. She describes her type as douchebag.

  22. In my case, going through withdrawal. It was pretty mild, but it was 100% proof that I couldn't control my alcohol consumption no matter how much effort I spent. And then that acceptance resulted in a shift in how I viewed alcohol. It was now something that would give me liver disease rather than a vice.

  23. the check was on hold for a week and just hit my account and yes car was given to him when i cashed the check

  24. Sad to say I think you were scammed and neither check will turn out to be legitimate.

  25. Yeah. I could be wrong, but I think deposting that high of checks that aren't legitimate may also be bad for OP's account in general. They should definitely reach out to the bank since it's almost certainly the same scam as

  26. If you still want to drink, don't get Antabuse. My doctor has explicitly said this to me. "It's a no shit you better not drink again type medicine."

  27. Do you happen to know if it goes on your “permanent record,” so to speak? Like if I moved across the country/changed healthcare providers or insurance would any doctor I ever saw afterwards be able to see that I sought treatment for AUD? I know we’re not able to give medical advice here but I’ve always been curious about the logistics of that.

  28. I always assumed that was why they asked us what medications we were on but I'm not a doctor or in the field.

  29. Lol my liberal idealist beliefs are really tested when I read the morons on that sub. Although sorting by controversial is usually a good time.

  30. Yeah, I usually leave when it stops being a sub about union membership

  31. Dealing with my stress and my tendency towards jumping to suicidal thinking (I'm not a harm to myself, it's just incredibly frustrating thought patterns) since I'm pretty sure long term dealing with this shit in healthy ways will actually allow me to remain sober.

  32. Yep. Although my previous therapist said she couldn't help me until I quit drinking and to get a drug and alcohol therapist. Took me two years, but I finally tried to quit. So I'm mostly focused on alcohol at the moment, lol.

  33. So far, I have been basically on cruise control with sobriety, too. Hell, last week, I hung out in a dive bar for the social element because I was in a new town. I really don't want to drink, so it is pretty easy to do. Something inside me has completely changed since I went through withdrawal and I never want to go through that again.

  34. I drink NA beers every now and then and haven't found a craving triggered, but i try to avoid turning it into a habit. I also order mocktails when at bars and the most common seems to be a mocktail margarita which is fine. I always order off the mocktail menu if a place has one though, which I'd estimate restaurants have 25% of the time.

  35. I know how frustrating this is. It does get better though. Most days, it seems like I fight the urge to drink by reminding myself how good sleep will feel.

  36. Never underestimate the power of telling an alcoholic he can't do something. "Obstinate, not abstinent" was the theme of my Year 1. These days I much prefer surrendering to fighting.

  37. My therapist says alcoholics are almost always incredibly defiant, lol.

  38. That'd have been a lot for me ever, but not for my dad when he's in a bad way. I only ever spent maybe $20 a day average at the high end.

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