1. I like to imagine in the 25 seconds between “daddy said he would get me one” and Lorne’s next line he was trying his best not to have an aneurysm at the mere mention of another male, his precious princess’ father to boot.

  2. I love that Dudinski, the alpha Chad is trying to build rapport by talking about how hard it is for “guys like us” to meet women.

  3. Takes off his wedding ring to relate to him as a struggling single guy, reclines relaxed the whole time while Dustin shakes like a leaf, and ends it by shaking his hand while misnaming him. Absolute fucking Chad.

  4. If Lorne got insecure about derek, can you imagine how threatened he would be by the likes of pattinson and chalamet, or any other well adjusted man for that matter. I imagine lorne getting insecure around other men, cowering before going home and weeping, then guilt tripping and yelling at women afterwards. That was probably his default since middle school.

  5. Ramona’s doctor friend must have taken twenty years off his life. Handsome successful doctor with a big salary and even bigger horse dink gets to see Ramona all the time and shower her with gifts (and saw her naked) while Lorne can’t leave Maine and has to get payday advances to buy cigs.

  6. I don't think I've ever referred to tits as "jugs". There's something extra gross about that term coming from Lorne.

  7. Putting aside his behavior, he’s just so crass. Calling beasts jugs, always talking about his pecker and cawkhead, proudly homophobic and casually racist. What a charmer; no doubt every woman in Maine is falling at his feet (and contracting cordyceps from the proximity)

  8. So drawnk I blow over the legal limit after having stopped drinking twelve hours prior

  9. Dudinskie can blank me anytime. I’ll even shayve down dere

  10. ‘Well, this is one of those good news/bad news situations…’

  11. Got the clothes thing goin on in that suit and sunglasses, relaxing in that beach chair , flipping through the chatlog and not even looking at John and he hits him with that line. Probably one of Hansen’s greatest moments

  12. Whosurdaddynj had a horrible hairline. As Walls observed, "the strand flapping in the wind"

  13. Think I’ll blow up mah hawse. Thanks a lawt, Jay-mee!

  14. I ask my friends to meet me at the front door completely naked.

  15. So you’re saying you got taken advantage of? In what way?

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