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  1. I had a feeling of this one as well, Elon is synonymous with the saying of humanity expanding to the atars

  2. Watch for the $160 line. Its the 1 year bull flag marker, meaning it would be breaking all trends and prepare your helmets for liftoff.

  3. So what you’re saying is, TA is just knowing how algorithms will behave, welp there’s not shorting left. Straight cannon.

  4. That’s what I’m thinking. He must finally know the number.

  5. Wether it be a dream state, or whatever dimension this is, I never really understood the reasoning of the IEX order being that high. Happens from time to time.

  6. This was yesterday and today, yesterday being 2100 today being 21100

  7. this is why i work from home.

  8. He said bottom is phone number, bias confirmed.

  9. I was down voted for saying it was trash, now look! I'm calling my mom!

  10. Technically it’s a sound technology, just heavily manipulated against the dollar right now, I’ve seen both these assets get manipulated by hedgies, everytime that yellow coin sold off they bought more shorts, then they would start the pump campaign.

  11. hope the recent dump means game over for the hedgies

  12. Wordpress Website. Click Bait. Ignore.

  13. Unless you sell it to a. Collector

  14. Do you want to FOSS this up?

  15. Ouch, that hurts my feelings. Didn’t know shills would hate Marge so much. Anyways thanks for your opinion, I’ll put it in the fucks no given bank.

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