Vax mandate has essentially ruined my future.

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  1. What was wierd was how nothing about the films screamed trans story.

  2. yea its such bullshit that they claim its now just a "trans allegory"

  3. I would have to do the same thing if I was in your situation, stay strong.

  4. Sumerian Mythology should be taught in all schools as an integral part of History. It has detailed accounts of things that happened during pre-history. About how the gods came to earth and established temples. How one of them caused the deluge. How they were forced to flee earth.

  5. Very interesting, id love to read more sumerian history/mythology/whatever we call it, any good sources?

  6. Samuel Noah Kramer is the uncontested authority on this topic, and he's written a few books.

  7. I agree. I think its more constructive to talk one on one with people about it all that are starting to question things. We could say the same thing to someone privately that wouldnt offend them but to say it publicly can feel humiliating, so its all about how we approach these topics I feel.

  8. There is no aid required to know ones essence of being.

  9. no there isnt, you are misunderstanding my message or you would not ask that.

  10. came here to make sure Cosmos and Psyche was the top comment, well done group. Not that there arent others, but this should be top.

  11. Thats an interesting video, thank you for sharing. I dont understand where they got the august 29th date and the april 15th date from though? Does anybody know where that came from? I think I missed something there.

  12. Those dates are the points where the sun is in the middle of the analemma every year.

  13. oh ok, so thats a stable yearly thing... interesting

  14. Lol visa, tesla, paypal... huge publicly traded companies have bought into btc

  15. yea its surprisinng how ill informed the conspiracy people are about crypto. Its so cute seeing people still thinking Bitcoin is like some nerd money

  16. I'm certain they do.... It's called the Matthew Effect.

  17. that is very true, but few want to realize it bc its much easier to blame things on whatever "ism" or concept they are already opposed to. In an enlightened society even socialism or communism would be great. The collective consciousness has to improve, which is happening, for things to get better.

  18. Didn’t watch as many movies this week, but the best one is definitely Fight Club! Finally got to see this one, and it really was a dope commentary and critique of capitalism, consumerism, and masculine culture. Not my favorite Fincher flick but I was so hooked throughout

  19. fight club is still my all time fav. Rewatched it recently and it felt so fresh still for a movie made in 98 or around that time.

  20. Great post, Ive heard of that building before but didnt realize it was built the same year as the twin towers and the other things, very cool

  21. you probably saw it but there was a headline about how in hebrew meta means death....also interesting that zuck has same birth day as the founding of israel. The state which isnt supposed to be founded yet, which is why pious hebrews live in brooklyn and are not to go to israel until the messiah returns. Maybe it has some false messiah symbolism tieing it to virtual AI stuff.

  22. Yes but at least the music that was created in the process was quality and (for my taste and in my opinion) the peak of music. There is real, true genius in that music. Whatever else those people all were, they were also true musicians.

  23. for real dude, like at least Bowies lyrics still make me think....

  24. studying astrology or jyotisha, was also done by the ancient brahmins in India alongside meditation. It was considered the thing that would most quickly make one realize the veda next to active meditation. This is because studying and practicing vedic astrology (other systems of astrology too) require the adept to use the left hemisphere of the brain with all the math involved, and yet also the involvement of the right hemisphere of the brain was essential for the symbolic interpretation. So it was another way to keep both hemispheres of the brain active and coherent throughout the day, which is what a lot of the value of meditation practice comes from.

  25. I'd be interested in independently verifiable evidence that Earth is spherical if anyone can supply any. I understand I'll be thumbed down for asking, but real science is independently verifiable... it's what differentiates science from pseudoscience.

  26. For me its how flat earthers behave, they always behave as people who are always wrong about what they think they are so right about.

  27. The more this kind of thing goes on for, the more I am inclined to think that these events are infact rituals of prophey fulfillment. The syncs are far too far reaching and elaborate to be passed off as mere coincidences. So we are left with a number of logical options to consider in determining what is going on to construct the prophecy and then re enact.

  28. As an astrologer and yogi I like 2 but also 3 is a part of 2 in my opinion. Thats the thing is that it cant all be done by people, its more likely that we are in a spiritual world that has laws to it. The side of the light doesnt need to know all this crazy occult stuff, its so natural and easy to wake up and love God. Its the dark side that has to rely on every means possible, so of course the occult must be utilized.

  29. apart from the universe only caring about the american eclipses the

  30. Wait im confused why would the universe only care about american eclipses? We just had an eclipse across all of asia at the moment the coronavirus started? Who was saying they only affect america?

  31. I feel you, I got the eye of providence on me. It was from a cartoon that me and one of my best friends would watch. I got the tattoo in memory for them when they died. Then I realized what it was. But the eye of providence was not always a a bad symbol, but the masons corrupted it. I just think of it that the love for my friend is more powerful than the anger I have at the establishment. A symbol only has power if you give it power.

  32. Yes very true, pretty much all the symbols these weird cults use were originally a lot more beautiful until they were co-opted. Like even the swastika, its an ancient symbol of many cultures, so a lot of people think it even goes back to atlantis or a proto-world culture. But now if we see that symbol we just think white supremacy...its crazy how powerful symbols are!

  33. idk or really care either way if he is or is not genuine, but to me this is just great evidence of why people should be more careful about the tattoos they get! Yes be careful who you listen to but also be careful what you permanently stamp on your body bc you never know what that symbol may come to mean in another decade!

  34. totally! I didnt get it when I was younger at all, but I rewatched it recently and was like really taken with it. It does have the mysterious open ended aspects to it but thats what made me like it more. I havent seen a lot of recent movies with such subtle psychological stuff behind them. It was more about the kid to me when I watched it this time. He knows so much more the whole time, and thats kind of the horror of the story, is seeing it from the kids perspective. How he can see all this about to play out with his ability to "shine" and still kinda cant avoid it.

  35. Life of Pi is the other side of this coin. Big Fish is fantastic stories which the characters don't believe, but in the end are true. In Life of Pi, the characters hearing the stories believe them, but in the end the stories are just a coping mechanism.

  36. Life of Pi is meant to be ambiguous so that rational people that arent Indians that can believe the fantasticalness of it, they can still enjoy the story. But its meant to be left open so that it really may all be true. The beginning part where he talks about hinduism and christianity implies to me that the author wants us to play with the idea of miracles in the mundane, and the mundane in miracles.

  37. (talking about the book version here. They leave out most of the cool philosophical commentary in the movie)

  38. As is the case with almost all people who become famous in such a way. I mean does anyone actually believe Pete Davidson is on SNL because he’s just so talented and so much funnier than all the comedians out there? Dude looks like a methhead and isn’t funny in the least.

  39. for sure. Especially when there are a lot of funnier up and coming comics that pop up on youtube or elsewhere that never make it on the show.

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