1. Without vehicles how does the map resolve? Is there a capture limit? The AI is pretty bad but even the AI has a pretty good chance of sniping mechs and infantry running at its bases.

  2. This would be a player vs player map. AI wouldn’t work

  3. Haven’t come across any accounts where soldiers describe as such 🤷‍♂️ Point me in the direction of any accounts of it?

  4. Important enough compared to the Red/Blue bases, or should they be something more valuable, like Airports?

  5. Agreed! Airport or even missile silo for one of them

  6. Bonus points to whoever dresses up as Marvin or Kennelly. “Reddit IM’d me and told me to come over”

  7. I’d go because I have nothing to live for anyway. My life’s a mess!

  8. Are all of you who had reduced processing time, I-130 IR (Immediate Relatives) or are any of you F2A?

  9. Mine went from 18 months to 4 months. Married to USC and I am on a work visa

  10. I know some people that know that I got 85% but that’s not my style! Quizzes are quizzes tho…

  11. Did he blank you in the blank? B cup… ooooo

  12. I wouldn’t leave it there to bulk age for months, but if it’s just clarifying, that should be fine.

  13. Thanks! I was gonna stabilize in a few days then bottle

  14. Omg this is so damn good!!!! I can’t wait to use it

  15. Gotta ask, you gonna be up for tonight after shadow Moses?

  16. "Online in an AOL gay chat room, calling himself 'Snake Eater', he tells the decoy who is pretending to be a 14 year old boy that he's horny. Then the 46 year old says, 'I WANNA BE BOSS'."

  17. Boss? What does that mean? Call me papi then!

  18. Believing the story the ED physician told you when trying to get you to admit a patient

  19. Also why doesn’t she do it through marriage, assuming you are USC/GC holder

  20. It is possible. I believe vestaria saga was done that way

  21. Canadian doctor here under h1b for the last 5 years… hopefully mine is just as fast. Would be nice if the government expedited those of us who during Covid

  22. Pawnstars: how much do you want for it? You: well your guy says it’s worth 1.5 million so I’d like that. PS:….. chuckles not gonna happen…. I can do 90$ at best… it’s a niche item and I won’t make that much off of it

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