1. Coming here late to say that he tries way too hard to be comedic, and his most recent video featuring a Guatemalan predator is needlessly racist. He set up a bunch of Cinco de Mayo balloons and walked out with a dude in a fucking taco hat and mariachi music playing, and forced the predator to wear a Party City sombrero. This dude is going to get fucked legally or shot (at a much higher risk than most of the other "YouTube anti-pedophile" channels), it's just a matter of when.

  2. Agreed. I saw the video you’re talking about and didn’t find him funny at all.

  3. Dumb name but the few I've seen he seems to give a halfway decent "imoersonation" (for lack of a better word). What yall think about CPP? Colorado Ped Patrol?

  4. CPP is alright, Tommy is kind of a scumbag though. He also exploits family members of the pedos for views. I think he got a lot of flack for that one video he put out a couple of months ago where he made the pedo call his wife and the wife was having a full blown panic attack on the phone.

  5. Anybody else ever trip out on how much nicer your own home looks inside compared to Chris Hansen’s?

  6. Tbf that looks like a hotel room lol. His wife is loaded and I’m sure they’re doing fine

  7. No, and she’s getting kind of fat lately. If she puts on another 15 lbs I might have to tap out

  8. Chris and TruBlu are not in charge of the structure of the episodes. The cops dictate the way the stings are going to go, Chris has to follow that format

  9. Debatable. Alan Chernay is another good one. Somebody on the sub mentioned a few good ones that were still left but I can’t remember off the top of my head.

  10. Imagine everyone on the server gang banging the bitch, all of us taking turns. She may or may not resist but that’s besides the point

  11. Yeah, fuck him. This is one of the ones that deserves to be shot dead on the spot.

  12. Lol I just hope he does Alan Chernay soon, that’s a good one he has yet to do

  13. Yeah I can't watch him. He fluffs his videos so much it's frustrating to watch.

  14. This, and if you ask him a question on Twitter he gets all testy by saying “I explained this in five different videos, how do you not know this”. I’ve seen him do this a lot, as if everyone is supposed to watch every single one of his fucking videos lmao

  15. I don’t think I’d ever be able to pull my dick out of her

  16. I just know the bitch doesn’t get good enough dick from her dude

  17. chris prepping the decoy for Schumacher

  18. Wonder if her bf just doesn’t give her good dick and that’s why she’s constantly teasing us

  19. All her pathetic little simps downvoting us are hilarious lol

  20. They don't want to hear it. She's hot, yes. Always has been, but if she gets bigger nope. What you said another 20lbs won't look good. She's got a trainer for a reason. She go down another 15lbs and she's perfect imo

  21. Right, I’m not wishing death on her, yet these idiots think I am. She announced that she had a trainer two months ago, lol. Her weight is going up instead of down, so either she stopped or her trainer is scamming her. Either way, she needs to keep it where she is because she’s already much chubbier than before lol

  22. He said it during his interrogation lol

  23. Laziness to the max. Just look up his interrogation, I don’t feel like finding the time stamp lmao

  24. To your first point, I completely agree. There are an estimated (very loosely) 10 septillion planets in the observable universe. No way we’re alone lol

  25. Open and clear communication, then open and clear contact. Literally, aliens meet humans after “talking” with each other first over “radio” (using quotes to be flexible/accommodating for tech and environment compatibility) to facilitate the process of this first historic meeting.

  26. You’re assuming they think like us, though. They probably don’t have to travel gazillions of miles, if they’ve mastered intergalactic travel, then the chances of them creating a wormhole to counter long distance travel isn’t outside of the realm of possibility.

  27. The best part is that she knows what she’s doing. She knows her simps are gonna be beating off to this shit. Time to go handle business boys

  28. Apparently this guy’s chat log was really disgusting too. Just nonstop sexual advances and verbal abuse.

  29. I’ve heard the calls, was wondering if the chats were around

  30. Old face, new tits. She’s getting kind of fat lately lol

  31. Jeff ❤️🍩. Then he argues w/her about who makes better donuts in the chat. Guy is such a loser.

  32. Lmao when they’re talking about hot donuts and she’s like “Krispy Kreme makes hot donuts too” and he’s like “I said Dunkin’ doesn’t”. Yeah dude, you’re super chill

  33. Imagine Papi's fecal output had he knocked back a few red velvet cupcakes on top of his Chinese food! That poor, jail toilet would have looked like the beaches of Normandy on D-Day.

  34. Stanley Kendall would’ve been happy to help clean up

  35. And telling her not to get fat because it’s not pretty lol

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