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  1. It's more to do with her ability to punch from different angles than actual brute force.

  2. Fun fact. The third eagle in the lord of the rings was sent to pick up smeagol because Gandalf never gave up on him

  3. Wouldn't smeagol on an eagle fit better? In more ways than one..

  4. He's not wrong. These are weak people acting tough cause they have the backing of daddy government.

  5. Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” has this same scene. Pretty crazy….

  6. Waukesha screwed the narrative. They had to tap this glow group early to scare the morons.

  7. Look at the timing. This is simply them desensitizing the public before maxwell comes out abd states she was sanctioned by the cia to court foreign dignitaries.

  8. Rogen has never been funny or entertaining.

  9. He was for a bit then it turned out he's just the guy that did fart jokes and never progressed from there.

  10. The CDC has literally stated that myocarditis is a possible side effect of the vaccine. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the sole cause for heart conditions.

  11. How did it end up there, just passed around by the vaccinated or is there more to it?

  12. Methinks thats why they are pushing the "animals can get covid too" narrative now.

  13. That’s still a rather impressive jump to get to Australia of all places.

  14. They live in a state of knowing they're terrorist against the current system but not acknowledged by said system as terrorist (more so useful idiots)

  15. I take some small comfort in the fact if we win and they lose they'll have to become productive members of society and if they do win they'll be the first ones shot or sent into forced labor.

  16. I think they’ll never truly grow out of the edgy antifa phase, they’ll probably become those creepy dude who hang around parks

  17. Or the annoying family member at Thanksgiving that never shuts up about politics. I guess they could be both.

  18. So you have everything but freedom. Yeah no thanks

  19. LMFAO……couldn’t happen to a better state……LMFAO

  20. Umm is it just me or cops shouldnt have to be put into a situation where they are required to deescalate in the forst place? When did being stupid without consequences become a right?

  21. Funny how cops in other countries are actually deescalating conflicts WITHOUT violence.

  22. Lol sure. Just cause you dont see it plastered all over social media doesnt mean that other countries dont use violence or that ours overuses it.

  23. I literally have zero chance of being killed by one of these people cause I'm not an asshole that will ever give them reason to defend themselves against me.

  24. It will be interesting to see if the “anti-vaxx” side grows a whole lot bigger once blood clots, heart issues and strokes start in these kids, or if the parents will buy the “it’s unrelated” spiel the doctors dish out

  25. Thats already happening. They are blaming climate change ffs and people are buying it. Smdh so hard i got whiplash.

  26. Canada has diagnosed a person with climate change diseases. Guess what the symptoms mirror? Lol

  27. Yeah it drives me nuts. Arrr im a pirate. How do people not connect the damn dots? You literally have to have your eyes and ears stapled shit at this point to not realize whats going on.

  28. Ro we've never had a virus like this before! It's like russian roulette with 9,987 chambers empty and 13 loaded. Theres literally no chance of survival!

  29. Get them to take ivermectin. Saved my uncle's life right before they were about to put him on a ventilator.

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