1. If you play Pokemon Go you know that the game is held together 95% by the IP and the game underneath is extremely bare bones. If it wasn't Pokemon people will not give a shit, of course every other thing they made has tanked.

  2. gk99 says:

    Literally the only reason I still open Pokémon Go is to hunt for shinies to transfer to Pokémon Home for use in the major games. PoGo was ton of fun for a while, especially during COVID, but their continued insistence on rolling back good changes like increased catch radius and 5 hour community days as well as general incompetence and lack of QOL updates has driven me away pretty hard.

  3. gk99 says:

    Bro I've been playing Fall Guys recently and its cosmetic systems make Halo Infinite look fucking pathetic. The only thing I will say is that desync in Fall Guys is equally frustrating but at least it's justifiable because you've got 60 physics-based player objects in each match.

  4. Crown clash has started in fall guys since their daily shop reset is at 4am (8pm for challenges). But theres no mention of the crossover.

  5. October is going to be huge for gamepass. I think I'm most excited for Plague Tale.

  6. I still need to play the first one. Good thing it's, y'know, on Gamepass.

  7. Don't all the profits go to some guy who like, didn't pay any of the people who actually worked on it?

  8. No, a Christian would follow the religion, "Christians" are just bigoted fucks behind a guise.

  9. I only like being able to get the cool pickaxe or glider first than wait to grind 8 tiers

  10. If you're not really feeling the season but already bought the battlepass, you no longer need to grind all the way to the last set of V-Bucks to secure the next battlepass and can simply buy up a bunch of cheap/important items first to unlock all the V-Bucks for next season early and stop.

  11. They don't look at them when the title explains most of what's in a text post. The actually interesting content are the images in this case, because they show a before-and-after.

  12. I invite you to compare a Chinese-built Audi with an American-built Tesla. LOL

  13. I, too, like to compare apples and oranges.

  14. His powers are that he's Thanos in another universe.

  15. World today: “we need to trust science and let science tell us what to do and how to live!”

  16. As a side note, despite announcement that prior owners of games like Siphon Filter will own them by default, that doesn't seem to be the case for Resident Evil: Director's Cut on PS4/5.

  17. Can we say something about “X game fatigue” dilemma? Ubisoft should revise their game-making strategies because it's every other game they make nowadays, unfortunately.

  18. It's variable. Assassin's Creed Odyssey is by far the absolute worst game for that. It's taken me years and 87 hours to finish it. It would've been about 60, but the problem is that the ending was so shit I had to buy the DLC for the game to have a decent conclusion. It was $7 grand total for everything, but by the end I just wanted it done.

  19. Could have just put then in the multiple slots in this BP for S2 that are exclusively XP tokens/swaps but they seem to be allergic to doing anything that would grant them favour in the community.

  20. But they take so long to complete, that a “normal” player will never complete them!

  21. Because prime came out 20 years ago and only got a resolution and wii motion upgrade compared to TLOU which is on its 2nd consecutive remaster in 8 years.

  22. The helmet was fucking cool, that's really all I care about. Costumes and lasers are cool and like alien tits are cool, the movies aren't good but they're cool.

  23. TLJ was not cool, half the movie was straight-up irrelevant and dumb.

  24. Bottom left: LNG not knowing about Spartan Laser

  25. Short story shorter: the SSD you buy in the store will run hotter than what's installed in the steam deck and may cause issues.

  26. This sounds like a design flaw on Valve's part. They knew from the get-go that their audience would try and upgrade the storage on the device and iirc the cheapest Steam Deck can barely fit Windows on it, let alone a game, for people who wish to use that.

  27. Nah, at one point you could play Bedrock Minecraft on it but I'm pretty sure it's no longer updated.

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