Ken takes ZERO accountability again. Puts all the blame on retail investors for bringing down Melvin and stealing the pension funds of teachers!

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  1. Vb talked of "self throttling" though fee hikes. Since the world doesn't work on altruism we have to pull incentives into the mix.

  2. You can point to a .json file on ipfs or whatever which would optionally define attributes. In collections this would also serve to define rarities within the marketplace.

  3. Although I am supportive of the new wallet-- please be aware that posting your crypto holdings is never wise. Social engineeing is real.

  4. Because wsteth plays better with protocols. deprecating steth would result in a lot of infrastructure becoming defunct-- unneccessarily. It may be easier to make that call in the future.

  5. This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Why would you build off pitch when you've got the wall plate right there.I keep looking at it and it gets worse.

  6. This guy isn't a hedge fund manager he's a crook. He's selling narrative and no one's buying anymore.

  7. when did they flop? on the forbort penalty? when deangelo took a stick to the face for the 2nd time? i mean i hate the guy, i could have done with a couple more, but come on. i really didn't see much flopping, agree to disagree i guess

  8. Were you watching games 1 and 2? Like I said before my problem with the officiating was more-so with those games.

  9. Yeah I was. If you take individual games, one team is gonna be luckier most of the time. But over the course of this 7 game series, I honestly believe it pretty much all evens out. The canes didn’t get anything as close to the break that was that early whistle in game 6. Again, if you care about good officiating, that should also piss you off. If you care about officiating going the bruins way, which is totally fair and I think impossible to completely deny if you consider yourself a fan, then fine

  10. Also read white papers of projects you are interested in and bankless podcast is a good resource for 'passive' learning.

  11. People mean generalised L2s when referring to ETH scaling. Loopring is great but the "single" use rollups never really saw much growth and I think the community just moved on from the idea that every app will have its own network.

  12. Who are you to say what people mean when they refer to ETH scaling? And what "single" use are you referring to?

  13. Have you looked at this guys post history-- it looks like some gpt3 script bot or something

  14. You are looking at one of the only chains with long-term prospect. Ethereum is for those who value decentralization, as a means of corruption resistance and value spread.

  15. Kind of scary big finance getting involved in stablecoins, does anyone else feel that way? I feel so personally attached to a future where finance is transparent and more fair. Its so imperative we get this right.

  16. No. I don't think so. The tokens value would be derived as a function of utility, speculative future utility + market sentiment and probably a million other things. But I do not see any direct correspondence through the token to the price of ETH-- though I may be wrong if anyone wants to point out why.

  17. He literally helped a nuclear nation under sanctions from everyone due to them always threatening Korea and Japan with nukes, not to mention enslaving their people, executing anyone they want, etc. if you don’t understand the implications of helping a murderous dictator, then stfu. For you it’s money, for millions of people it’s life and death

  18. It's not about the money, That's what you don't understand . Bunch of hyperbolic swill.

  19. You’re in it for money. Stop the bullshit about fiat vs crypto shit. People like you who support murderous dictators talking about it’s not about money are just idiots who has no clue wtf you’re talking about. Go keep supporting dictators. You probably support Russia and all the rape and killing of women and children as long as Putin can use crypto to support his war. Fuck off

  20. you need to take a chill pill lol. when did I say anything about fiat vs. crypto? you're stirring yourself up.

  21. Oh I only have 5 eth right now and I wanted to stake it now, I thought that eth 2.0 would allow you to stake any amount rather than 32. I also bought a lot of LDO at 1.5$ so if Lido will be so successful after the merge I’ll hold it long term

  22. Nah yeah I staked 2 weeks ago, along with my solana. I am currently holding my STETH, but I have my LIDO and StSolana in a liquidity pool. I wanna stake my StEth but I just can’t find and good DEFI for it

  23. Mind your usage of "Stake" I suppose it can have different meanings but your eth is staked giving you stETH, staked ETH.

  24. Any Ubuntu exploits out by now to circumvent? Wonder if it would be worth reaching out to any Linux experts.

  25. The merge was never really slated for June, people were hopeful, but it was always Q2 best case, but Q2/Q3. That's fine couple more months to stack before supply shock.

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