MODOK Symphony Of Destruction 😂

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  1. Yeah I see this Shuri/Red Skull deck even more after the nerf, and it really sucks that the only deck of mine that can consistently beat it is a soulless counter deck with no style.

  2. Exactly, everyone is running the same deck. It’s either play the meta, play the counter, or try something creative and get wrecked by the meta. Then the nerfs only make the meta stronger.

  3. Not to mention, some very half assed nerfs too. If anything Red Skull is better now!

  4. This is why all the DMs I've played with (all friends) used point buy, not rolling. You can get really shitty stats and be miserable, or get amazing stats and outshine the group and be... miserable. In most cases, it sucks when one player is that much better or worse. The group feels bad constantly for the shitty stat player. Or the group resents the player who rolled well.

  5. Yeah I am all for point buy or array when I am DM, right now I am a player in a campaign where we rolled, I got two 18's on a Goliath and basically killed the campaign with how strong he is (3.5).

  6. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic, or just very very very dumb.

  7. Get rid of every photo. Maybe keep the bottom left. You look bored and agitated. Get a photo of you doing something or being somewhere.

  8. I was just gonna say, every photo except bottom left looks bad, the angle is wrong for you and some of them are clearly very old pictures.

  9. My dad asked, when are you finally gonna do Jews In Space? My entire family sends love!

  10. I have read the book a long time ago, was it ever explained why the astronauts couldn't know the true mission objective?

  11. lmao what the fuck this is the most breadtube watching 14 year old comment I've ever seen

  12. Her profile description is a meme, she sounds like a copypasta.

  13. Paul Sun-Hyung Lee is the actor. He plays Appa (Korean for “dad”) on Kim’s Convenience, which is a Canadian sitcom.

  14. You call it a sitcom, but clearly it's just a superstar incubator. The entire cast has leveled up afterwards.

  15. If you wore that out in the summer, you would get the weirdest tan lines ever.

  16. I’m very surprised I haven’t seen any conservatives bitching about Into the Spiderverse because it went “woke” with Miles.

  17. Oh believe me, there was much anger and whining from racist neckbeards both when he was first introduced in comics, and again when he appeared in various children's shows and then ItS.

  18. Biggest issue i have with this post is that those kids aren't even Shark Boy and Lava Girl...they're the Spy Kids.


  20. Does anyone know if this chemical will turn the frogs gay???? /s

  21. Literally just a blank green picture, is this one of those stock market posts?

  22. I know it wouldn't loop anymore, but I want the clouds to move lol

  23. Man this post makes us all think you are so cool, it was especially funny when you cried about the same thing over and over.

  24. The Modok combo literally only works if you draw her exactly on turn 6, or Ghost Rider into her. I don't think it's reliable enough to be worried about.

  25. She removes the ability on reveal, this is a permanent change. It doesn't matter where she goes or what she does afterwards, the change is made as she reveals.

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