The Post-TI11 Shuffle

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  1. My boy Yawar is going to be teamless this year.

  2. I see, my earning is more than the taxable amount but tax exempt as far as i know.

  3. So that's what Kanye West and Jay-Z were trying to tell us?

  4. Forget the computer science jobs, as a graduate from Balochistan cannot compete with the IT talent of Punjab which is sitting jobless

  5. Yes i know the talent here can’t compete with other provinces but if you are very good at coding or any other IT Field they won't think twice before offering u a job & That’s why i want to move to Islamabad so I can start as an intern if not a proper job at least I will get used to the place & people there.

  6. Apply for jobs online then first, once you get in, then you can move Allah behtar karay ga

  7. how about a rags to bitches story

  8. Different country, different animal taste. Personally Pakistan is full of germs for which my immune system is not prepared. No matter what I eat there, even if it is freshly cooked beef or mutton or chicken or Qurbani gosht from village. I would end up with the worst case of stomach ache and diarrhoea etc

  9. mf 30 year old student or what?

  10. Valhe value value 💯💯💯

  11. Nadeem computers basement Dubai plaza 6th road don't let anyone else touch your device

  12. Not 40x but approximately 39x i think

  13. ?? They just said that they do want their children to be like Imran khan? You have trouble hearing? Try watching the video again with headphones i guess

  14. They have to move to Secret to win the offlane?

  15. this content shouldn't be free holy shit🤯

  16. Loratadine ( sold under the name of softin in Pakistan) works great for me, 1 tablet a day

  17. The effort you put into writing this, i was blown away by your last post and this is far more in depth and sophisticated. Thank you

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