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  1. Give me sex, I’ll find ways to do the sex.

  2. Now that it’s legal, just bet against then every Sunday.

  3. Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but when using a CC for some services such as sending friend money via Apple Pay, those transactions count as a “cash advance” which sometimes come with extra fees, and a higher interest rate.

  4. Maybe give Circle A in North Royalton a ring. They usually have a good selection of hard to find stuff.

  5. I had one this year. They checked my ID on every visit, with the name on the pass. They can only be used by the people they are registered to.

  6. Did you feel the pass was worth it? Were there a lot of concerts that you could not use the pass?

  7. Yeah, I felt it was worth it to me. I went to maybe 10 or 11 of the shows. Some artists I saw I never would have gone to had I not had the pass (looking at you, Backstreet Boys) but it was still fun to see them.

  8. Wonder if Don Jr. bought some for a chance to have lunch with his dad.

  9. Yeah. Somehow they like to make things difficult sometimes. But, seems like you can fetch the image from icloud.com if you're syncing your contacts. That still worked for me:

  10. VERY round about way, but I was able to do this by using iMazing (paid version, but looks like there is a trial) to extract the contact to a VCF. I had to use the buttons along the bottom, as right clicking exported it in a different format without the photo.

  11. Just when I thought I was back in, the pushed me out.

  12. I was so prepared for quicksand, mutant lion attacks and the Bermuda triangle but alas nothing happened 😔

  13. Join a pinball league @ Super Electric, Southland Lanes or Kidforce in Berea. Good times, and good people.

  14. Also I would use device affinity enrollment and just assign them the apps they need with device based enrollment then no iCloud is needed.

  15. Thank you. I’ll try that. I’m trying not to be too restrictive with these devices, and hiding the apps would work in most scenarios, however I do want to make sure things are working properly. I’ll try using Device affinity and see if that helps

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