1. maybe pangolins where messengers, that where shot, in a previous life and now have reincarnated into something with armor.

  2. wasnt that technically slazzo or am i just completely out of touch with the emkay lore

  3. shit looks like a new hello neighbour update

  4. is it jist a visual glitch or does it actually stop doing dmage?

  5. hi i'm an 18yo transfem and it'd be nice to be friends :)

  6. what if you drew an instance of SCP-7004 😳

  7. Yes, that’s true. However, the fact that “should of” makes no damn sense should be a clue.

  8. people hear "should've" and think "should of", hope this helps!

  9. Not a very big gun person. How does the recoil work so that bigger guns have less recoil? Is it compensated because of the size of the gun itself?

  10. more mass leads to less movement which is kinda weird intuitively but it checks out

  11. God knows if I die then I will die facing an eldritch monstrosity beyond human comprehension.

  12. Doesn't really feel like a horror but I love the idea lmao

  13. this is just what happened before strikes lmao

  14. There’s no way to tell Definitively without checking the chamber for brass.

  15. yeah that's exactly why you treat every gun like it's loaded, so yes, it is loaded, don't point it around

  16. this is probably the worst part of everything

  17. The gravy genuinely looks like stagnant pond water.

  18. i think it's because it looks weirdly runny plus all the particles

  19. Is that why you post about them and seethe daily?

  20. same reason why you're seething in this comment section

  21. We can surely agree British food should be above German and USA, and above Fr*nce just on principle.

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