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210125 Ryujin

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  1. The scenes with saebyeok and jiyeong broke my heart. I've been rooting for them since the tug of war episode. That's it. I've watched 6 episodes without break, but I think I need one now.

  2. Did y’all really not expect that? I’ve actually somehow predicted it

  3. I knew it would happen and it still affected me in ways I wish it didn't.

  4. How about the personal ad account that was disabled permanently. Is there something we can do? And about the business manager that was hacked and I can no longer messaged the support thru email and chat.

  5. Do you have any other admins/employees in the Business Manager who can access the chat support? We have a way of cleaning things up for hacked BMs. If your personal account that was banhammered is the one connected to your hacked BM, you can still recover it. Sometimes, support reps don't have initiatives, but if you're persistent enough, you can recover it.

  6. How long do I have to wait until I can have more than 10 ad account limit lifted?

  7. If all of those Ad Accounts are in good standing, you can request to have more. At the moment they're permitting up to 50 ad accounts in an unmanaged BM. And then you can request more if you maximized 50. You can go to support chat for this

  8. Ask ko lang for WFH purposes: Ano magagandang pwedeng pang back up internet na prepaid? Or are monthly plans the way to go (if yes, suggest kayo ng practical options)?

  9. Merong "alternet" na tinatawag yung Sky at 199 per month. May base na 1.5 mbps speed with unli data tapos anytime na magddown main ISP mo, pwede mo na lang loadan yung account mo depende sa speed na gusto mo.

  10. Secondhand car recommendations? I have 300k budget for a sedan. Matic sana. Can't really buy a brand new bc I am migrating in 2-3 years. Just rly need it for the convenience of weekly probinsya uwi and hopefully 1-2 long drives per quarter

  11. Was it ever mentioned why Yena, Wonyoung and Hitomi weren't in Ayayaya?

  12. I'm having the same problem. Has any of you tried this contact form?

  13. Does anybody know where to watch to izone from izone english sub? IZSUBS archives just lists the yt upload. The yt upload by mnet only has korean auto generated subs 😢

  14. Thank you for keeping this subreddit alive 🥺💕

  15. I do believe tho that Nanno's mortality is just an act by her to fool Yuri into thinking that: That she is the ringleader or someone who can replace Nanno. But because Yuri believed that Nanno has turned mortal, she let Junko drink her blood instead of Nanno's.

  16. I'd like to believe this is what Nanno has done too. I don't want to see my girl lose control 💔

  17. What are the chances the members from small companies (minju, hyewon) could sign contracts with bigger ones?

  18. Red Mango and Goldstar Garden Inn. I know for Red Mango it's 600 pesos per 6 hrs stay. The rooms are with smart tvs and bath tubs

  19. I'm a retentions rep and they can suspend it for up too 6 months but it will be 7 dollars per month . I can check when I'm back at work in about 12 hours but it's either 7 per reciever per month during the suspension or 7 per month flat during the suspension.

  20. It's $7 per month, regardless of the receivers.

  21. If you just ordered the service and have not gotten the equipment yet, the contract is still not in effect. If you buy the receivers, it won't sign you up in a contract.

  22. Ask to be transferred to someone from the states

  23. It's a bug that can be fixed (albeit temporarily) by resetting the receiver. Reset the receiver once so it would show all your recordings.

  24. I use fully upgraded mistral dagger, primal garb & the phantom shield and crown (but any shield/helmet will do i think). I pass the division quests smoothly and I don't even have to use crystal potion. Health regen is key imo!

  25. I was waiting for her to trip or something. I feel bad.

  26. It's basically 50/50 with her isn't it on whether a post is because of her being silly. Except the last few weeks, she's been way too gorgeous lately I don't think I've seen her derp since Likey released.

  27. Oh boi she's so gorgeous. Girl knows how to play and she's coming for them hearts.

  28. She's really looking like a full course meal this era

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