1. park behind them, drag the cord, sit in my car

  2. Yeah, I noticed some of the cords can reach next to the ICE cars. Not sure if it’s worth mentioning to the business management to make them aware

  3. Those cords are longer than you think. It’s good entertainment, except that most people who willfully park in a charging station will probably throw a hissyfit and shoot you.

  4. No one cares who originally took the video

  5. someone got their feels hurt so they had to attempt homicide

  6. they call him billboard chris because you could sell ad space on that forehead

  7. his handle starts with “fedoras” this has to be a setup

  8. I’m not reading it all the way but isn’t this just a Seinfeld episode

  9. Ryan Saavedra is a big ol racist but it wouldn’t completely shock me if police departments had to change their hiring practices after the George Floyd protests.

  10. you can be piece of shit who dropped out of high school. you can be a piece of shit with a Ph. D. you can be a good person who got their GED.

  11. he’ll be dead soon. ideally he’d die by being tied between two streetcars going opposite directions, but if that can’t happen I’ll accept death from a lingering illness as a substitute.

  12. I fucking hate that you made me look up this sexless dork’s TikTok profile. It is 100% videos like this. What fucking scum. I absolutely loathe the fact that some billions of years ago some amino acids combined to form the first complex protein, which eventually lead to this rapist pummeling my visual cortex.

  13. I’m just trying to figure out what police department has the budget for a hellcat charger

  14. Also we should quit calling it the "potato famine" and call it the "great famine" (which is what it's commonly called in Ireland). "Potato famine" implies the problem was potatoes and not capitalism and imperialism.

  15. We shouldn’t call it a famine at all, since Ireland was a net exporter of foodstuffs during the nearly decade long period of deliberate genocide committed by the British.

  16. Their bodies were not use to it. 🌽 is hard to digest. Plus they were starving. And it only made it worse. I bet the corn was introduced very late in the famine. The British government didn't care about the people that were in their colonies. Only what they were able to do for them. Money;Money,Money 💵. Fight there many Wars!and rob them of all there natural resources.

  17. Actually the maize shipments were in the first year of the blight and were credited with staving off the famine at first. The Indian maize is not the corn we’re familiar with, and it was basically indigestible unless you cooked it twice.

  18. Nope. "Your" justifying murder. You can go through all the hoops you want and correct my grammar. Guess what. Doesn't change the fact "your" jumping throw hoops for someone who can murder more women and children. Congrats on not caring about human lives though

  19. lol holy shit are you seriously trying to say it’s “your” and not “you’re”? this is hilarious

  20. Again. No it isn't on the spectrum of things they do. Take a human development class.

  21. oh ok guess I’m wrong then. your flawless citation of “because I think that way” has swayed me.

  22. by saying “one of my twins” it implies that you have more than one twin, which means you would be a triplet or greater

  23. Having more than one twin is typical, when you are their parent

  24. yeah I realized I misread it and replied to someone else in this thread saying as much.

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